Monday, May 18, 2015

'The Young and the Restless' Spoiler: Nikki Needs Intervention After Reaching Shocking New Low

Nikki's family stages an intervention on May 28.
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On May 28, The Young and the Restless will air a standalone episode in which Nikki's friends and family stage an intervention because her drinking is out of control. TV Insider spoke with Melody Thomas Scott about Nikki's story and to get her thoughts on the show's latest executive producer/head writer team, Jill Farren Phelps and Chuck Pratt.

"I don't know where [head writer] Chuck Pratt is taking this but, as a selfish actor, I do not want this intervention to be successful," explains Thomas Scott. "I have too much fun playing her as a drunk. There is a lot of humor in Nikki's sloppiness. And her drinking creates conflict. It's a soap! The fans don't want to see happiness. If Nikki sobers up and becomes June Cleaver, where is the drama in that?"

Nikki hits a new low which leads to the intervention.

"It's shocking," Thomas Scott teases. "I can't reveal what happens but Nikki hits the skids in a way that neither the fans or anyone in Genoa City has ever seen. It's bad. It's low."

Thomas Scott also hints a Nikki and Neil pairing could still happen.

"Don't give up on that!" she says. "You may get your wish. Kristoff St. John and I are so hoping for a romance. It would be the most unlikely pairing, yet it also makes sense because they share the same addiction and they've known each other forever. If it does happen, the s—t will hit the fan with Victor. [Laughs] And wouldn't that be fun?"

The actress says she loves the current powers than be at Y&R.

"I really like Chuck. And I love Jill," she declares. "All this bulls--t about her being evil and wicked and whatever is ridiculous. Believe me, this cast is happier than we've been in years!"

Let's hope the viewers are too.  Are you happy with Y&R?

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