Monday, May 4, 2015

Frank Runyeon Visiting 'The Young and the Restless'

Frank Runyeon -- Photo Credit: Sean Smith/
Actor Frank Runyeon will appear on the The Young and the Restless in the May 28 and June 2 episodes, according to TV Insider. Runyeon will be playing an an angel named, appropriately enough, Angel.

"I'm L.A.-based and, apparently, they were looking for a guy who looks sort of Biblical and Chuck thought of me," Runyeon said. "I mean, who else is so stupid they'll walk around with a beard and long hair looking for a job in Hollywood? Me! [Laughs] I'm that stupid! And it's such an interesting thing to play an angel. I mean, how do you do that exactly? There are no rules, so I just sort of winged it. Hey, if Brian Frons could play God on Santa Barbara, I can certainly do this!"

Runyeon starred in As the World Turns as Steve Andropoulos from 1980-1986. His pairing with Meg Ryan's Betsy Stewart (later played by Lindsay Frost) was one of the most memorable in soap opera history coming in at #27 in our 2012 countdown.

Runyeon then moved to Santa Barbara where he played Father Michael Donnelly from 1988-1991, working with current Y&R executive producers Jill Farren Phelps and Chuck Pratt Jr. He guest-starred as a priest on Melrose Place in 1996 and guest-starred on All My Children in 2008-2009 as Forrest Williams, Reese's (Tamara Braun).


  1. Good God, no pun intended. I think Chuck Pratt might be better suited at writing soap opera parodies for Saturday Night Live.

  2. You really should have mentioned that Frank Runyeon tours the country in a variety of one man shows that can be either Catholic or Protestant themed. I had the good fortune of seeing him perform in my area, five years ago. I got him to autography my ATWT 40th anniversary book. You should check his website.


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