Tuesday, April 14, 2015

'The Young and the Restless' Tuesday Cliffhanger: Jack Abbott Has a Doppelganger

What's going on with Jack Abbott on The Young and the Restless? Or should we ask what's going on with both Jacks on Y&R? Watch the ending of Tuesday's episode below and let us know what you think.

Ever the company man, actor Peter Bergman raves about the new story for his now two character.

"It's really good writing and the whole thing has been a joy to play," Bergman tells TV Insider.

"I do not suspect that he's an identical twin, though I don't know for sure," Bergman reveals. "I think he is quite literally a doppelgänger, that lookalike we all supposedly have walking around on the planet somewhere. We're going to find out that he's been in a lot of trouble and is kind of a loose cannon. He was found in a prison in Peru."


  1. OMG. Not this stupid plot again.

  2. I find these debates funny because obviously the actors enjoy the opportunity for tons of screen time and therefore they are forced to defend these ludicrous stories. I recall in Kim Zimmer's book she wrote that enjoyed the clone story and the painting to the past stories because it provided an opportunity to drive story later in her career.

    Furthermore, let's recall that Y&R was always the soap the had Vanessa Prentiss in the veil, Lauren buried in a box and Victor with his wife's lover chained in the basement all while Bill Bell was writing the soap in the 1980's.

    For my money, these types of stories are what define soaps as much as the high drama at other times of the year. I appreciate and enjoy the camp of these shenanigans and I don't find it off message at all. In fact, I lost watching soaps daily in the 90's when everyone started to get cancer and every actress who shaved their head got an award.

    1. The difference between the past and now is the writing. Bill Bell's stories often had over the top moments, like David Kimball's KILLER forehead or how he died, Brad in a cage, etc.. Despite these over the top moments, even Kay/Marge, Bell crafted character-driven stories you could invest in. In the past two months, Y&R has trotted out just about every tired soap cliche in history and it feels more like it's being doing not to tell a compelling story where the beats will be played out in a way only a daytime drama can do, but for shock value. I find watching Y&R quite unsatisfying, leaves me empty really, and never felt that way with Mr. Bell's Y&R, even when I didn't like a story or there was an over the top angle.

    2. Roger, I couldn't have said it any better.

  3. I agree with you completely, Roger. Amen!


  4. Given that we just had the Mariah/Cassie reveal not too long ago with Victor pulling the strings, the appearance of another doppelgänger is just plain lazy, never mind the usual ignorance of common sense, character and history that is Pratt's trademark. That being said, twins are Emmy bait and I think Peter Bergman will knock it out of the park with this role.