Today in Soap Opera History (March 5)

1968: Dark Shadows' Barnabas entombed Trasked.
1979: Ryan's Hope's Johnny said his peace.
1990: GH's Robert, Sean & Anna learned Paget was Duke.
1992: All My Children's Donna & Chuck left Pine Valley.
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"Today in Soap Opera History" is a collection of the most memorable, interesting and influential events in the history of scripted, serialized programs. From birthdays and anniversaries to Scandals and controversies, every day this column celebrates the soap opera in American culture.

On this date in...

1968: On The Doctors, Matt (James Pritchett) and Nick (Gerald Gordon) performed surgery on Nathan Bunker (House Jameson).

1968: On Dark Shadows, after forcing him to sign a confession stating Victoria Winters was not a witch, Barnabas Collins (Jonathan Frid) trapped Reverend Trask (Jerry Lacy) in a prison of his own making.

1979: NBC aired the first 90-minute episode of Another World.

John phoned Alice (Susan Harney) and got directions to the cottage. Dan set Pat's mind at ease about John's phone call. Larry defended Blaine to Clarice and Charley. A lonely Rose called for Joey to come home from Eileen's, where he was dancing a jig with her aunt and uncle, Rita and Paul Connelly (Camilla Carr and Stephen Joyce in their first appearance on AW). Mac told Rachel he believes Blaine's version of the truth, not hers, and accused her of destroying their marriage as well as Jamie's. John and Albini compared notes, and Albini let John handle it as he was busy on another case. John woke Michael and told him to go to Dan's to tell him to meet him at the cottage. Mac couldn't forgive Rachel for deliberately lying to him, but she refused to give Blaine another chance. Mac woke Jamie to tell him Rachel had tried to bribe Blaine into leaving him. Michael found Pat there when he went to Dan's. Olive (Jennifer Leak) cut the phone lines, blocked the front door with the back of a chair, and doused the cabin liberally with gasoline. Joey tried to convince Rose she needed a life of her own. Blaine threw her arms around Jamie when he vowed to make a go of their marriage. Olive lit a rag with her cigarette lighter and tossed it toward the house. She laughed wildly to herself as the flames shot up along the walls. She stopped to call out, "Goodbye, Alice!" before turning back to her car.

1979: On Ryan's Hope, Johnny Ryan (Bernard Barrow) gave Martin Pyle (Tom Quinn) a piece of his mind.

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1980: On The Edge of Night, as Draper Scott (Tony Craig) prepared to leave for prison, Steve Guthrie (Denny Albee) and Deborah Saxon (Frances Fisher) searched for evidence that placed Nola at the site of the murder.

1980: Margaret Mason ended a five year run as Linda Anderson on Days of our Lives (she had joined the show in 1970, left in 1971, and returned in 1975). She would return on a recurring basis for a couple of months in 1982.

1984: On Guiding Light, Mindy Lewis (Krista Tesreau) told Rick Bauer (Michael O'Leary) she could not go through with the abortion, at least for now.

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1990: On General Hospital, Jonathan Paget (Greg Beecroft) tried to convince Anna (Finola Hughes), Sean (John Reilly), and Robert (Tristan Rogers) that he was actually Duke Lavery.

1991: On The Young and the Restless, Danny Romalotti (Michael Damian) performed in concert.

1992: On All My Children, Donna Tyler (Candice Earley) left Pine Valley to move to Rhode Island with her husband, Chuck Tyler (Richard Van Vleet).

1992: On Guiding Light, Nick (Vincent Irizarry) and Mindy (Kimberly Simms) announced their engagement. Note: This was possibly's Suzy Cote's final appearance as Samantha Marler.

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1997: David Gibbs aired for the final time on Another World as Officer Brian Tibbs. Gibbs was the real-life brother of Timothy Gibbs, who starred as Gary Sinclair.

1999: On Another World, Zak rushed to the Cory's to tell Lila and Matt about Jordan's grand plan to kill Amanda. Matt and Lila agreed to talk to Zak but wanted to check on Jasmine first. Zak saw Jordan on the Cory terrace and with a flash of lightening, he disappeared. Matt and Lila wonder what happened to Zak when it appears he vanished without a trace. This was the final appearance of Steve Richard Harris in the role of Zak Wilder.

2001: A new version of British soap opera Crossroads premiered. The original version of the show ran from 1964-1988. Four characters from the original series returned: Doris Luke (Kathy Staff), Jill Harvey (Jane Rossington), Adam Chance (Tony Adams) and Sarah-Jane Harvey (Joanne Farrell/Holly Newman).

2002: On The Young and the Restless, Julia Newman Martin (Meg Bennett) and Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) reminisced about when they were married.

2004: On All My Children, at her baby shower, Bianca (Eden Riegel) decided to name her baby girl, Miranda Mona Montgomery, a decision that didn't sit well with her mother, Erica Kane (Susan Lucci).

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2004: On The Bold and the Beautiful, Rick Forrester (Justin Torkildsen) urged Ridge (Ronn Moss) to move on with his life without Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang).

Celebrating a birthday today are:
James Noble (ex-Grayling, The Brighter Day; ex-Don, As the World Turns; ex-Bill, The Doctors; ex-Edward, A World Apart; ex-Rev. Harris, Another World; ex-Dr. Morris, One Life to Live) - 93
Ray MacDonnell (ex-Joe, All My Children; ex-Phil, The Edge of Night) - 87
Arlen Dean Snyder (ex-Tony, The Secret Storm; ex-Peter, As the World Turns; ex-Jay, Love of Life; ex-George, Dallas) - 82
Nick Ullett (ex-Graham, As the World Turns) - 74
Murray Head (ex-Doug, Holby City; ex-Jack, Heartbeat) - 69
Marla Pennington (ex-Samantha, General Hospital, ex-Leslie, Soap) - 61
Marcia McCabe (ex-Sunny, Search for Tomorrow; ex-Carolyn, As the World Turns; ex-Bunny, Another World; ex-Alicia, One Life to Live) - 60
T.C. Warner (ex-Kelsey, All My Children) - 38
Kimberly McCullough (Robin, General Hospital; ex-Robin, General Hospital: Night Shift) - 37
Aislinn Paul (Claire, Degrassi) - 21

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