Friday, October 10, 2014

Martha Byrne Film 'Preying for Mercy' Now Available on Demand

This has been a big week for two-time Emmy Award-winning actress Martha Byrne (As the World Turns, Gotham, Crisis). Not only did she win major kudos from those in attendance at a New York screening of her upcoming comedy series Weight, her latest movie--Preying for Mercy, directed by Bill Duke--was released on demand.

In Preying for Mercy, LAPD Detective Frank Gates (Jayson Gladstone) is a hard working cop, a loving father and husband (to Byrne's Sarah Gates), and an all around good man. But beneath his gleaming veneer of happiness and stability lay a buried past wrought with secrets and violence.

After letting a bust go bad in New York he fled for his life and changed his identity. Now, nearly 15 years later, his past has caught up with him and the truths he worked so hard to hide are clawing their way to the surface.

As he contends with an efficient and ruthless hit man sent after his family, Frank enlists the aid of his partners to put a stop to the on-coming assault. As the hit man zeros in and Frank is running out of time, he makes the only move he has left… the go on the run again, this time to secure the one secret he has left that could turn the tables around and turn him from the hunted to the hunter.

We Love Soaps spoke this week with Preying for Mercy producer David Wenzel, who raved about Byrne's performance in the film. Check out a glimpse in the trailer below:

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