Friday, October 17, 2014

'Days of our Lives' Casting Newborns to Play a Baby Boy

Days of our Lives put out a casting notice this week, looking for identical twins to play a newborn baby boy.

The casting call including the following information:

7-9 LBS identical set of Caucasian twins - light hair and light eyes. Male or female to plays a newborn baby boy. Very small set of 6 months old twins PREFERRED but will also accept younger sets of twins as well. Multiple shows at under five scale.

The role is scheduled to start taping on Wednesday, October 22, meaning viewers won't see the baby on air until March.

The identity of the child's parents and how important the baby will be in Days' upcoming storylines is unknown as this point. Stay tuned!


  1. I have a feeling in my gut that that baby is going to be so important in DAYS. I think that's Theresa and Brady's son, that's something that's going to pull them together, love those two!! OMG SO EXCITED!!!!!

    1. You mean to tell me all the stuff i have just wrote is all gone because I had to sign in and it got lost. ... what the Hell happen to it? Hope it's not completely lost. ... if it is well it will stay lost. But I will leave you with this the people on Days of Our lives need some happiness, and that goes for Nicole, Hope,Brady,Daniel & Daniel need to be with Nicole & not Jennifer, Clyde need to stay DEAD! and bring Stepheno back, get Rid of Clyde and let Nicole have her Miracle a baby for Eric or Daniel, the writer's did it before for Daniel with Collie,and Sami with EJ, let somebody on the show with some happiness, I thought it was going to be Hope and her Bo-thing but I see it want be,I don't know why the change,than I really thought it would be JJ & Paige but the writer's did a one eighty on them,now they trying to hook up Adrian & Lucas up which is a waste of time, nobody find any happiness on the show anymore since the Hawthorn died, and they had their problem to. So I can't see the show winning any kind of awards cause the writer's are Ridiculous, I have gotten to the point that I don't care to watch the story anymore cause it doesn't make a different now days to see it, will Theresa baby be for Kisten and EJ'S & Jennifer daughter baby before somebody too,are is Kisten having both babies,like twins, I know Stepheno is up to something with those babies.