Saturday, May 3, 2014

NEWS: Sara Ramirez, Chandra Wilson, Justin Chambers and James Pickens Jr. Staying with 'Greys', Will Yun Lee Joins 'True Blood'

'Grey's Anatomy' Quartet Inks New Deals
Sara Ramirez, Chandra Wilson, Justin Chambers and James Pickens Jr. will remain on the ABC medical drama for at least two more seasons.

'Grey's Anatomy's' Cristina Yang 'Deserves Better'
"The show may very well pull some sort of switcheroo on the May 15 finale and leave Cristina deprived of Emerald City Memorial, but the poor woman certainly deserves something after being shamefully cheated out of that Harper Avery Award. There are few characters in prime time so deserving of a drop of happiness, even if Cristina's problem is that she's laminated herself so the drops bounce off."

A 'Good Wife' Spinoff? Elsbeth Tascioni, Your Time May Come
"We've discussed it internally," co-creator Robert King told E! News. "It always comes down to where you can put your energy. Our worry is that—we're not the kind of showrunners, unfortunately, who can take our eyes off this and do two things at once. I wish we could because there's no one more fun to work with and better comedian than Carrie Preston. There's such a cool show there."

Where Mean Girls Rule
It's not hard to understand why so many series are based in the nation’s capital. Political terrain is familiar: Washington, like show business, is everybody’s business. In a post-9/11 age, where terrorist attacks are a real threat, not a comic book danger, it’s convenient to set tales of conspiracy and global evildoing in Senate cloakrooms and East Wing ballrooms.

But most of all, everybody hates politicians, so much so that contempt for Washington trumps even the most ingrained taboos about the portrayal of women on network television. Nobody expects a virtuous heroine in Congress or the White House.

Councilman Bernard Parks Cameos On Daytime Soap To Promote Pet Adoption
Councilman Bernard Parks of L.A.'s 8th District (South Los Angeles) made an appearance on yesterday's episode of the CBS daytime soap The Bold And The Beautiful in an effort to promote pet adoption. In the episode, the 6,816th in the show's run, the characters Liam (Scott Clifton) and Hope (Kim Matula) visit the South Los Angeles Animal Shelter looking for a new companion.

Will Yun Lee Joins HBO's 'True Blood'
The actor has been tapped for a major recurring role on the upcoming seventh and final season of the vampire drama. He will play Mr Gus, a Japanese businessman living in Texas, whose bigger-than-life, urban cowboy demeanor nearly rivals the size of his large Stetsons. Gus is out for revenge and will stop at nothing to get it.

How Showtime uses free episodes and mobile wallets to promote 'Penny Dreadful'
Did you think the Passbook on your iPhone was just for movie tickets and airline boarding passes? Think again: Showtime is now using Apple's mobile wallet, as well as Google Wallet on Android phones, to market its new horror series Penny Dreadful. Showtime’s Penny Dreadful fan pass doesn’t come with a bar code or a loyalty code, and you won’t be able to get any rebates with it, but it automatically lets you know when new content for the show is available online. “It’s kind of like a mini app,” explained Ken Todd, Showtime’s VP of digital content syndication and mobile development, during an interview at the Cable Show in Los Angeles this week.

'Hollyoaks' producer: 'Gillian Taylforth will return as Sandy'
Hollyoaks boss Bryan Kirkwood has said that he expects Gillian Taylforth to make regular returns to the soap following her exit later this year.

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