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NEWS: Jane Elliot Talks Daytime Emmys; 'Grey's' Hologram; UK Soap Spoilers; Eric Sheffer Stevens Play

Jane Elliot. Photo Credit: ABC
'General Hospital' star Jane Elliot on Her (Shocking!) Daytime Emmy Nomination
Elliot had not submitted herself for consideration for 20 years, and was not planning on submitting this year.

"As usual, I said no and [GH executive producer] Frank Valentini put his foot down and would not take no for an answer. That is how much he believes in me, how much he cares. I have never had a producer go out of his or her way to support me the way Frank does. [Former GH executive producer] Gloria Monty refused to submit me for the Emmy the year I won, so I submitted myself just because I was so pissed that she refused to do it! Frank is the only one who ever said, 'You'll be submitted this year, whether you like it or not. It's not up for discussion.' "

Elliot joked that her friend Deidre Hall may not be available to do her roots.

"The timing couldn't be worse! Deidre tripped over her own foot in Zumba class, which therefore means women of our age should not be taking Zumba class. Note to self: No Zumba! So Dee trips and when she goes down she tries to support her weight with her hand and shatters her wrist. She needed pins and plates to repair the bones. I took her to the surgery last Friday."

New star of 'Grey’s Anatomy': futuristic 3-D Israeli medical technology
The climactic moment of the most recent episode of the ABC hit medical drama Grey's Anatomy took place when one of the series’ most popular characters, Dr. Cristina Yang, is being wooed to a well-funded Swiss hospital by her ex-fiance, Dr. Preston Burke – both of them are world-class heart surgeons.

Burke mysteriously invites Yang into an operating room where surgery is taking place. At first, Yang skeptically looks down her nose at what appears to be a routine heart procedure. But her scorn turns to wonderment when in front of her appears a hologram reproduction of a beating heart.

The floating 3D holographic imaging technology developed by Realview Imaging Limited and successfully tested at Schneider Children's Medical Center in Petach Tikva gives doctors a real-time view of the organ they are operating on when their patient is on the table by merging the data mined from X-ray, MRI or ultrasound imaging.

Eric Sheffer Stevens starring in Hudson Stage Company's production of "Family Reunion: A Kind of Alaska"
The As the World Turns alum is part of a cast that includes Michael Bryan French and Jane Beller. The show runs through May 17.

This Woman's Venture-Backed Novel Could Bring New Life To The Publishing Industry
What comes to your mind when you put Charles Dickens and soap operas together? For Michelle Miller, a banker-turned-writer, it’s a venture-capital backed serial novel that’s trying to create a new revenue model in the much-squeezed book industry.

With its own music, audio, and photography, The Underwriting runs like a TV series. Each Wednesday, it releases a new “episode” on its website and will be free to read for 24 hours. After the “air,” the episode will only become available by subscription, which costs readers $1.50.

It wasn't until last year while sitting at home watching the soap opera All My Children that a thought suddenly strike Miller: “Had women changed that much that they no longer want a juicy one-hour story each day?”

For 41 years, All My Children has been able to get housewives (and others) to tune in at a specific time of the week. If soap opera can create an “event” that people put onto their calendar, Miller thought, why not novels?

Oprah Winfrey watches Nate Berkus marry his boyfriend Jeremiah Brent
Parents from both sides and siblings were among the guests, which included Oprah (of course), Rachael Ray, Busy Philipps and Elizabeth Hendrickson from The Young and the Restless.

SPOILER ALERT: 'EastEnders' spark, 'Corrie' punch, 'Emmerdale' kiss, 'Hollyoaks' reveal
Upcoming episodes of EastEnders see Shirley and Dean (Matt Di Angelo) come face-to-face for the first time in years when Stan tricks his grandson into paying a visit to the Queen Vic.

Over on Coronation Street, Tyrone Dobbs inadvertently fuels Maria Connor's delusions when he jumps to her defense at the Rovers Return.

Coming up on Emmerdale, Pete Barton may be about to seek romantic attention elsewhere after Debbie Dingle pushes him away.

Meanwhile, Hollyoaks student George Smith gets more than he bargained for when he starts using an online dating site. Keen for some love in his life after Vincent's departure, George (Steven Roberts) is optimistic when he makes contact with a mystery person who is using the name 'SexyStranger007'. George asks 'SexyStranger' whether he wants to meet, but is later left stunned when Hollyoaks High teacher Danny Lomax (Stephen Billington) is the man who turns up to see him…

SPOILER ALERT! EastEnders' Shirley Carter leans in for a passionate kiss with...
Gravelly-voiced Phil, played by Steve McFadden, has been a sturdy shoulder to Shirley (Linda Henry) who has been hitting the bottle since her reunion with son Deano Wicks did not go to plan. But when the barmaid attempts to show her appreciation with a kiss, it remains to be seen whether her feelings are reciprocated.

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