Monday, April 21, 2014

Hope's Choice on 'The Bold and the Beautiful'. Are You #TeamHott or #TeamLope?

The Bold and the Beautiful heroine Hope Logan (played by Kim Matula) has it all these days. It wasn't that long ago she was fighting Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Woods) endlessly for the love of Liam Spencer (Emmy winner Scott Clifton). But boy have the tables turned for this young lady.

Now, she gets to be the object of affection for two men: Liam and his half- brother, Wyatt (Emmy winner Darin Brooks, a nominee at this year's Indie Series Awards) Both Liam and Wyatt have their charms. Hope can let loose with Wyatt and have fun. However, Liam was her first love (Oliver who?) and he doesn't bring a psychotic mother like Quinn (Emmy winner Rena Sofer) to the table.

Last week, after he learned of Hope's potential pregnancy (it was only a scare), Liam kidnapped Hope in an effort to get her alone and declare his love for her. If she was having Wyatt's baby, he knew there wasn't any chance of them ever being together again. Personally, I don't think he should have been worried; look at Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang)! Hope was clearly torn though. She eventually left with Wyatt but since this is B&B it may be years before she makes her "final" decision.

To make matters more complicated [SPOILER ALERT] Daddy Deacon (Sean Kanan) is on his way back. How is he going to complicate the life of his daughter and her decision? And how will Wyatt's mother, Quinn be involved?

Who do you think is the right man for Hope Logan? Are you #TeamHott or #TeamLope?


  1. Hope & Wyatt regularly finish with more votes in our weekly poll, but I think I'm TeamLope. The past few episodes have been really interesting with Hope rethinking the entire situation after the pregnancy scare. Her explanation to Brooke on Monday was exactly how I see them: Wyatt is fun and Liam is the one she will marry. But you are right, since this is B&B I'll probably be in retirement before this gets settled. ;)

    1. Team Lope. I think they have the deeper love. I'd like them to get together soon.

  2. I am TeamHott! First, I hope (no pun intended) I never have to hear about her "pregnancy scare," again! :) I like Hope with Wyatt because she DOES have fun with him. I find Liam so boring. I never will understood how he had two beautiful women fighting over him.

  3. I wish Liam was a bit more interesting. Why does the good guy always have to be so boring? Ugh! Wyatt is spontaneous, exciting and unpredictable -- pretty much what a pretty young woman would want at Hope's age. I lean towards TeamLope, but I see her attraction to Wyatt. He's the antidote to boring Liam! He's her Steffy! Steam had heat, so does HOTT!

  4. Im only watching show for team hyatt we know Liam was truly in love with steffi and they had the larger fan base but as soon as Steffi left the how now all those fans are so in love with LIam and Hope again they are truly the most boring couple on the show!!The character of Hope was never more interesting or exciting as when she was paired with Wyatt who brought alot of new fans to the show! If they have hope go back to LIam i am done with show im only watching cuz Sean Kanan is coming back and i am hoping he and Quinn hook up.

  5. Team Hott... That's the only way I'll continue watching the show... If they put her back with Liam the loser I know several people who feel like me and watch the judgesshows or something...

  6. To those who want hope with Liam you will only get your hearts broken when Steffy come back. I like hope with Wyatt but hope is so stupid. She has a good man that adores her. You guys talk about her first love. She is a grown ass woman now. Let Steffy come back and get Wyatt than Liam and Wyatt will be running behind Steffy and hope will look like the dumb blonde she is.

  7. I can't believe the writers, why does she keep letting him get in her head? Hope is naive and Liam is ridiculous! I may stop watching the show if they get back together.

  8. Team HOTT

    They actually have chemistry and Hope is likable with Wyatt. For me the Lope thing is like that favorite old worn out shoe you don't even want to look at anymore because it's so disheveled but you wear it because it's comfortable, that's how I would describe Liam and Hope at this point for me.

    I'll take a viewing break when Lope are together. Cute and immature is the best and only description for them, not worth watching.

    Although both triangles are tiresome, there is no one to route for in this triangle, like in the old one,imo. It was easy to feel bad for Hope because she was written as a victim and defenseless against the sexy charms of Steffy but in this one, she holds all this power and it's distasteful to watch her treat both guys the way she and Steffy were treated. Especially after 3 years of hearing about her morality and goodness. With the guys, well both guys know what they are getting into, no tears for them.

    HOTT should at least have been given their own internal angst before Liam became an issue again, why is this happening so soon? The girl missed her period and freaked out, big whoop, they are acting like a year ago, Liam wasn't about ready to give up for good on Hope because of Steffy's pregnancy, Liam's character is grating on my last nerves.

    Sorry for the rant, I am just beyond over this triangle already and the second part of it has only begun. Let the girl stay with one person for at least 6 months before turning the tides. We all know that Liam and Hope are forever but is it too much to give the fans who don't like them a break and give other characters a s/l..

    Triangles are a staple for Bold but the younger one in the context of a new era of soaps is pretty annoying. JMO

  9. Team HOTT. Although not because I dislike Liam or couldn't see Hope with him. I actually think Hope and Wyatt make each other better. Also, I love their chemistry and banter. In fact, the development of Hope's character with Wyatt actually makes her a better person for Liam. It was interesting seeing them together this week. But I feel too much has passed between them and I felt like they were brother and sister almost. And while I didn't like how Steffy got Liam, I did feel they were a better couple. As are Wyatt and Hope. Although I mainly miss Thayzee lol.

  10. Are you kidding - team LOPE!! Wyatt is too weird. And Quinn is psycho. Please please write them both off the show! Katie and NuRidge offer nothing. He's strange and weak and Katie never stops bitching and whining. You've got to do better than this!

  11. LOPE

    The pregnancy scare was the perfect plot point to make Hope stop living in the moment and think about the future.

    I felt like Hope did, that Liam was repeating bad habits, and I wanted her to have a fun fresh relationship with someone that made her smile.

    But Liam won be back over with his steadfast devotion, and Wyatt now feels like a flirty, sexy fling, while Liam is still her real love, the man that she wants a future with.

  12. Hott (Watt), Love, Love him with Hope. He is the complete package that she said she wanted. So what's the problem.? The way Liam treated her as a (first love).shows he is not a one woman man he is insecure,controling and does not keep his vows, I do not consider him marrage material ,Wyatt has been loyal,loving and supportive from the start.