Thursday, March 6, 2014

NEWS: GENERAL HOSPITAL Pen-Pal Murder; Lupita Nyong'o's Soap Opera Past; TV vs. Online Video Stats; L.A. LAW Season 1 Out on DVD; Ryan McPartlin; Leven Rambin

Soap-opera pen-pal network may have led accused killer to L.A.
A New York parolee accused of fatally strangling a retired teacher in Hollywood may have come west after developing a network of pen pals, some that apparently grew from a shared fondness for GENERAL HOSPITAL. Three months after he was released from prison after serving 20 years for murder, Scott Kratlian showed up in Hollywood and allegedly strangled one of his pen pals, 82-year-old Harry Major.

The relationship between the convicted killer and the retired Hollywood High School teacher was probably one of many the inmate fostered over the years while imprisoned at Marcy Correctional Facility outside Syracuse, said another of Kratlian's pen pals. Kratlian was part of a GENERAL HOSPITAL fan club whose enthusiasts wrote to one another, Jason Ward said in an interview.

You Won't Believe How Big TV Still Is: Staggering viewership numbers and dominant revenue figures
A new study from Nielsen, conducted with ad targeting firm Simulmedia, contains plenty of insights, but among the most striking is the size of either industry. Nielsen rarely pulls back the veil on exactly how big the TV and video worlds are (they do mint the currency in the former, after all), but here it is in black and white: There are 283 million television viewers monthly (the population of the United States is 313 million), each watching an average of 146 hours of TV.

Compare that with 155 million online video viewers averaging just shy of six hours monthly on mobile and almost six and a half hours over the Web. So while TV’s audience is still almost twice that of digital video, the amount of money in digital isn’t even 5 percent of the mammoth $74 billion chunk of change in television. What’s going to bring about growth in the former, said Amit Seth, Nielsen’s evp, global media products, is equivalency.

Why Do People Still Watch Live TV?
In theory, all of us have complete control — or, at least, as much control as our budgets and gadgets allow us, which can be sizable — over our viewing habits. And yet, millions of people in the U.S. watch television “live,” especially big event programming. Consider the “must-see” nature of the final episodes of BREAKING BAD, the excitement surrounding THE WALKING DEAD, early episodes of HOMELAND, or HBO's current TRUE DETECTIVE.

Sex, Booze, Insanity: THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL Boss Bradley Bell Previews What's Ahead
[SPOILER ALERT] Ridge and Katie make love on March 18. Says Bell: "Brooke is completely stunned. Her head is spinning. She never loses! It's such a foreign concept to her that she could be No. 2 — and losing Ridge to her sister, Katie, of all people! When B&B started, who would have thought that little Katie with the pimples would steal away the one and only Ridge Forrester? [Laughs] It was the ultimate long shot! Brooke feels very betrayed by Katie."

Lupita Nyong'o's MTV Africa Soap Opera Proves She Was Always The Best
In 2009, SHUGA, a Kenyan soap opera starring Nyong'o, debuted, giving the actress her first big break. The show followed very modern woman Ayira, played by Nyong'o, as she navigated the waters of dating, love and sex in Africa and all of the responsibilities that come with it.

World is watching as Calgary's Caitlynne Medrek carves out her place with web series roles
On April 2, Medrek (Claire, OUT WITH DAD) will be travelling to Los Angeles for the Indie Series Awards, where her nod for best supporting actress is among seven nominations for the series. Last year, when they were still called The Indie Soap Awards, Medrek picked up a win for Best Breakout Performance, an early indication that the character of Claire was appealing to the series’ fans.

“I love how confident she is and totally optimistic and just OK with being herself,” says Medrek about her character. “I feel Claire is a bit of an old soul in that she kind of got over those humps, those emotional breakthroughs, a little bit earlier which is why she’s there to help Rose and her coming-out story as well. It was definitely her confidence and optimism that hit home with me.”

Former ALL MY CHILDREN actress Leven Rambin Joins THE TOMORROW PEOPLE
The actress will appear in the final three episodes of the season as Natalie, a troublemaking paranormal who has no love for humans. She and Russell (Aaron Yoo) quickly hit it off and become a homosuperior version of Bonnie and Clyde. But things take a turn for worst when Natalie threatens to join Ultra, inciting a potential mutiny.

PASSIONS alum Ryan McPartlin Joins NBC Pilot SALVATION
In the project, mega-church Pastor Daniel Strickland suddenly dies, and his loyal wife, Jennifer Strickland (Ashley Judd), must rally to keep their family together and save the church. McPartlin will play Congressman Todd Bishop, an ambitious man whose political life keeps him from home, making him a bit of an absent husband and father.

L.A. LAW now out on DVD
The show's first season is finally out on DVD, with the second expected to follow in a few months.

MAD MEN Enlists the Graphics Guru Milton Glaser
Glaser — probably more than any graphic designer of his generation — forged the sophisticated, exuberant advertising look of the late 1960s, the time MAD MEN is now traversing. His work will help publicize the show's new season and will begin appearing next week on buses and billboards around the country.

ARCHER country music album "Cherlene" is a hit
"That album isn't a 'Lonely Island'-type gag. It's real country music, and early fans have been pleasantly surprised that it's, well, actually musical. 'Cherlene' is averaging a 4.5-star rating after 126 iTunes reviews, and it has climbed to No. 68 on the best-selling albums list."

Julia Stiles to Star in TNT's GUILT BY ASSOCIATION
She takes over the role after Neve Campbell dropped out of the drama from executive producer Marcia Clark.

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