Thursday, February 13, 2014

Ralph Waite Dead at 85

Ralph Waite
Actor Ralph Waite died at his home in South Palm Desert on Thursday. He was 85. Waite was best known for playing John Walton on the CBS family drama THE WALTONS from 1972-81, earning an Emmy nomination in 1978. He would play the role again in THE WALTONS TV movies over the next several years.

Waite also appeared in a number of feature films, including Cool Hand Luke, Five Easy Pieces, The Bodyguard, Cliffhanger and Sunshine State.

His long history in television began in 1954, when he hosted a show called LOOK UP AND ALIVE on CBS.

Waite had a recurring role on ABC’s MURDER ONE and on HBO series CARNIVALE as the Reverend Norman Balthus. More He also recurred on NCIS as Jackson Gibbs, father to Mark Harmon’s character; on BONES as Hank Booth; and on NBC daytime soap opera DAYS OF OUR LIVES as Father Matt, a role he began playing in 2009.

Other TV appearances included GREY'S ANATOMY, OFF THE MAP and BONANZA.   He earned an Emmy nomination for his role in the miniseries ROOTS in 1977.

Waite shared his thoughts on life after THE WALTONS with INSP last year.

Watch a scene between John and John Boy (Richard Thomas) from THE WALTONS below:

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