Thursday, February 13, 2014

HUSTLING Releases Three New Episodes: "Oops," "Smack," and "Pumpkin Seeds"

Jay (Andrew Glaszek) and Ryan (Sebastian La Cause).
HUSTLING, nominated for nine Indie Series Awards this year, has released three new episodes from its third and final season.

Episode 3.5 "Oops" - Ryan (Sebastian La Cause) gets a warning from Catherine. Jay (Andrew Glaszek) goes on an out-call, Geoffrey (Gerald McCullouch) tries to connect with Ryan; and Ryan takes Julien (Facundo Rodriguez) to a birthday party at Liv's (Jessica Press) where there is more than one awkward moment and a secret is revealed.

Episode 3.6 "Smack" - Ryan (La Cause) returns home after rescuing Jay (Glaszek) from a predicament to find Julien (Rodriguez) not too happy with his relationship with Ryan. Rosa (Daphne Rubin-Vega) spells out the details of her proposal, with the help of Ryan's mother Lena (Sharon Washington). Geoffrey (McCullouch) arrives late to work after spending some time with a trick. Joel (Kevin Spirtas) receives some interesting news and Geoffrey puts Ryan in an uncomfortable position; while Liv (Press) recounts a bad decision.

Episode 3.7 "Pumpkin Seeds" - Ryan (La Cause) and Geoffrey (McCullouch) deal with the aftermath of their awkward moment. Ryan recalls another event from when he first meets Jay (Glaszek). Liv (Press) puts her plan into action while Simon (Marc Sinoway) digs up more dirt.

Watch "Oops," "Smack," and "Pumpkin Seeds" below:

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