Saturday, January 18, 2014

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS Spoilers (January 20-24, 2014)

Ian Ward (Ray Wise) surprises Nikki. Photo Credit: CBS
Check out day-to-day spoilers and a sneak peek video below to find out what's happening on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS during the week of January 20th.


Monday, January 20
Nick (Joshua Morrow) and Sharon's (Sharon Case) bond troubles Victor (Eric Braeden); Kevin (Greg Rikaart) and Billy (Billy Miller) seek answers about the hit and run.

Tuesday, January 21
Dylan (Steve Burton) and Avery (Jessica Collins) find themselves in dangerous territory; Summer's (Hunter King) mistake hits home with Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott).

Wednesday, January 22
Lauren (Tracey Bregman) and Michael (Christian LeBlanc) receive another package; Gloria (Judith Chapman) brings in wedding planner David Tutera to help Neil (Kristoff St. John) and Leslie (Angell Conwell).

Thursday, January 23
Billy makes a discovery; Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) and Adam (Michael Muhney) celebrate.

Ray Wise debuts as Ian Ward.

Friday, January 24
Nikki's worst nightmare becomes reality when Ian (Ray Wise) shows up; Billy learns the truth about the hit and run.

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  1. Y&R is simply awful. Phelps has destroyed this once great show. Her boyfriend, Steve Burton, has hijacked the show. The show killer strikes again!

  2. Story lines are too extended and lead to boring and unrealistic occurrences. Move the multi plots along faster. I'm about ready to exit the show after many years!

  3. Goodbye Y& fired MM...the fans will fire you!

  4. Down, down, down…..take BOOOOOOOOOOORING BOORISH Victor with you!

  5. I agree the show is starting to suck

  6. Will stop watching when January ends.

  7. Some good story lines just drag on way too long! Bring Phyllis back get rid if Sharon and victor and this whole paternity thing. It's getting old!! UGH I've watched for so long and it's getting to the point where I can't watch anymore :(

  8. How long will this storyline drag out with summer and dilla I'm absolutely done with this show maybe they need to extend the cast, Lilly cane and that family seems to be the ones to watch because the rest is a mess. I guess nick will find out the truth in 2020 and let's guess how! A medical issue and its a do or die situation. Who's writing junior high student. I'm so longing this snoring show. I will began watching again when the summer line is up.

  9. Bring some more caracters to the show:-) Story lines drag on sooooooooo long!!
    Suspence is one thing but boring is another,,

  10. My husband and I will no longer be watching as of the end of January, to many great actors gone . Bye bye Y&R from Canada

  11. I have been watching Y&R for so many years, I have to agree with all the comments! It is time to shake things up. Great actors are leaving...should be the writers! I hate that Michael/Adam is leaving, but he did it to himself. No women should have to work with an other worker groping is a violating feeling!

  12. the show is not as good anymore boring always ABBOTT VERSUS NEWMAN repeat and repeat I don't watch that much

  13. The show is going downhill. Some of the actors can't act, boring,( Keven, Cloe, Lauren, Nikki, Victor, Tyler, Abby, Neil, Leslie, Hillary to name a few. Only favorites are, Sharon, Jack , Chelse, Adam, and Billy , . Now with Billy Adam, Phyliss, Mrs. C. gone, WHAT is the use of watching. They let the best ones go and bring it ones that are boring. Done 1-30. Started watching GH.

  14. The show was going fine, until Adam hit and run, really. All he work for got his child back, and now this. Wow, who is coming up with this. Let Chelsa and Adam be a family, and show Victor a thing of two. Yes Adam is just like his father. But to Kill Dila in the process. Wow, this show is going down fast.