Tuesday, January 21, 2014

NEWS: CORONATION STREET's Controversial Suicide Storyline, Venezuelan President Blames Country's Violence On Telenovelas, TWIN PEAKS Blu-ray

Venezuelan President Blames Country's Violence On Telenovelas
President Nicolas Maduro has a new villain as he campaigns to bring down Venezuela’s spiraling crime: TV soap operas. He accuses the telenovelas of spreading “anti-values” to young people by glamorizing violence, guns and drugs.

On Monday night, his vice president, Jorge Arreaza, met with broadcast and pay TV operators to review the prime time lineup, warning that they could be in violation of a 2004 law mandating “socially responsible” programming. The two sides will meet in a week with the aim of drafting an agreement on meeting those obligations.

It’s unclear whether the government will take steps to restrict programming or impose harsher rules on telenovelas, which are hugely popular across Latin America.

CORONATION STREET Suicide Storyline Draws Praise, Concern
More than 10 million people watched the long-running soap CORONATION STREET on Monday as Hayley Cropper, sick with incurable pancreatic cancer, took an overdose of drugs and died peacefully in the arms of her loving husband Roy.

Some praised the storyline for its sensitive handling of terminal illness and death, but others said it risked encouraging suicides.

Right-to-die campaigner Jane Nicklinson, whose late husband suffered from locked-in syndrome and waged a court battle for the right to have a doctor help him end his life, said the story had "done our cause proud."

But anti-euthanasia group Care Not Killing said Tuesday that the program was "in great danger of normalizing an occurrence that is actually very rare indeed."

David Lynch announces upcoming TWIN PEAKS Blu-ray and dismisses other rumors once and for all
Rumors about a third season of TWIN PEAKS or even a new TWIN PEAKS movie have been shot down several times in the past by people close to the director, including Mark Frost and Jennifer Lynch, but this is the first time David Lynch has dismissed them personally and publicly.

Lynch did announced one true fact: the future release of the Twin Peaks Blu-ray that will include the pilot, season one, season two and "some special things that haven’t been seen before."

THE WALKING DEAD Cast to Appear on CONAN for First Ever Joint Late-Night Interview
THE WALKING DEAD cast members Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Lauren Cohan, Steven Yeun, Danai Gurira and Melissa McBride will be on hand for the February 6 interview.

SCANDAL Star Was Connie Britton's Nanny: "I Was So Upset When She Got Her Little Show!"
SCANDAL star Katie Lowes, one of our favorite human beings, worked as a nanny for Connie Britton's son Eyob before scoring her big role on one of the most buzzed-about shows on TV.

"Can you believe that?" Britton mused to E! News, before joking, "I was so upset when she got this little pilot. I think it was really pretty selfish on her part, I'll be honest."

Camila Banus tapes last episode at DAYS OF OUR LIVES
Banus (Gabi) taped her final episode on Friday, January 17. Lauren Koslow (Kate) posted a tweet about Banus and shared a picture of her and close pal Kate Mansi (Abigail). "Our beautiful girls @camilabanus &@KateMansi share a hug & some very emotional scenes today! #days" Galen Gering (Rafe) tweeted, "Sad day sis. Sad day. Wuv u!"

Y&R's Steve Burton going to be a father again
Burton (Dylan, THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS; ex-Jason, GENERAL HOSPITAL) slyly dropped a bombshell on Twitter over the weekend while posting about football and adding "by the way, I'm having another kid... have a great day. God bless."

The actor added some details with later tweets revealing that the baby is due in mid-July, and it was a surprise. Burton and wife Sheree already have daughter, Makena (11) and son Jack (8), but don't know yet whether their kids will be getting a baby brother or sister. "We are looking forward to another little one!" Burton declares.

Ali Sweeney's Shortcut to Great Arms
"Our bodies are smart. If you do the same workout all the time, your muscles won't be challenged to get stronger and more toned. One fun way I mix things up is by incorporating weighted sticks into my exercise routine, using an ancient Filipino martial-arts technique called Escrima."

THE FOLLOWING enjoys huge NFL boost
The Kevin Bacon drama that aired from 10:18-11:18 p.m. averaged a 4.4 rating among adults 18-49 — a 38 percent increase from last year’s premiere (2.2/8 on Jan. 21), according to Nielsen. The drama was also up 63% versus the season one finale on April 29 (2.7/7).

ABOUT A BOY to stage PARENTHOOD crossover
PARENTHOOD's Dax Shepard is going to visit NBC's ABOUT A BOY — but don’t call it a guest spot.

In fact, Jason Katims, who executive produces both shows, says the cameo will be as under the radar as ABOUT A BOY star David Walton’s appearance on PARENTHOOD last week, in which Walton’s character was a part of a poker game hosted by Shepard’s character. “The one that aired on PARENTHOOD was so subtle because people don’t know [ABOUT A BOY yet, but I kinda liked that — not say anything about it and putting it out there,” Katims said. “When Dax comes on to ABOUT A BOY it will be very different. It’s going to be a cameo. It won’t be what the episode is going to be about. We’re doing it in ways that feel real and organic to the shows.”

Longtime comedy writer Ben Starr dead at 92
Starr was a co-creator of NBC comedies THE FACTS OF LIFE and SILVER SPOONS. During his long career, he wrote for TV comedies ranging from ALL IN THE FAMILY to DIFF'RENT STROKES as well as MR. ED, THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW, PETTICOAT JUNCTION, THE BRADY BUNCH and CHICO AND THE MAN.

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