Friday, January 3, 2014

GENERAL HOSPITAL Day-By-Day Spoilers (Week of January 6th)

Ava (Maura West) threatens Carly (Laura Wright).  Photo Credit: ABC
Check out day-to-day spoilers and a preview video below to find out what's happening on GENERAL HOSPITAL during the week of January 6th.


Monday, January 6
Heather (Robin Mattson) shows up for lunch, freaking Franco (Roger Howarth) out; Ava (Maura West) levels threats at Carly (Laura Wright); Morgan (Bryan Craig) talks to Julian (William deVry) about getting out of the business.

Tuesday, January 7
A mental patient runs loose; Detective Nathan West (Ryan Paevey) questions Sam (Kelly Monaco) about Silas (Michael Easton).

Wednesday, January 8
Franco searches for Carly; Heather puts her plan into action.

Thursday, January 9
Michael (Chad Duell) blames Franco for his mother's disappearance; Sabrina (Teresa Castillo) talks to Felix (Marc Anthony Samuel) about her future.

Friday, January 10
Sonny (Maurice Benard) finds Morgan and Ava together; Patrick (Jason Thompson) and Robin (Kimberly McCullough) get shocking news.

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  1. I want Sabrina and Patrick together, Robin is just so boring.

    1. No way. That was Robin's family first-give them a chance to grow & get to know each other again. Patrick & Robin were a dynamic duo a few years ago before the actress departure and they will be again .

    2. I have to agree with you. Years ago Patrick and Robin were okay together but things have changed. Robin has an attitude and needs to realize that she cannot have everything she wants. How could she expect to come back after being gone for two years and things be the same for her family. They have moved on so take a step back and allow Patrick to be with Sabrina, they are good together and Sabrina honestly loves Patrick.

    3. Excuse me Michael, but Robin IS Patricks wife!! Just because she has been away, of wait, no I'm sorry, she was kidnapped, doesn't mean that you just say "oh, I'm sorry Robin, but I"ve moved on. Obviously you are not married!!! And Robin no way has an attitude. She has every right to have wanted her husband and daughter again. So, get with, grow up and realize that you don't just end your marriage and give up your family without a fight!!!!!!!!

  2. If I'm not mistaken, Kimberly McCullough is only back for a short time, probably six months. So as I see it, either Patrick and Robin will leave town together if Jason Thompson wants to leave GH, or Robin will leave and Patrick and Sabrina will reunite.

  3. Seriously people; Sabrina is a nice girl but she needs yo go find her Mr right. Patrick. Belongs with Robin its that Simple .

  4. I like Sabrina but him and Robin belong together

  5. Sabrina is even more boring. At least Robin has a past on the show. Besides they go together better and they are both doctors. On the other hand, Sabrina always seemed and acted like she was way out of her league with patrick.

  6. Like Sabrina and have never liked Robin. If Robin figures out Sabrina is going to have Patrick's baby, it will give her an excuse to leave the program again. Hope Sabrina is not willing to take Patrick back even if Robin is out of the picture. He made her second once and once is enough.

  7. I have been a loyal GH viewer for 30 years and have watched Robin grow and change and her love story with Patrick has not always been full of love and promise. Anyone remember Lisa Niles? I believe that Patrick should be with Sabrina, but logically, he chooses Robin because she is his wife. As time moves forward and Sabrina's pregnancy comes to light, the canvas might shift. I agree also that Robin needs to remember that her family thought she died and moved on with their lives. And why has Patrick not asked her why should watched the entire wedding and was about to leave and not say anything? If Emma hadn't seen her mother, Lucy would have completed "I now pronounce you" I have always been a Robin fan - but I want Patrick with Sabrina.

  8. Patrick has always loved Robin and always will. He loves Sabrina in a totally different way. Robin is still trying to feel comfortable again with her family and so is he with her. He never got over her (and was always hoping she would come back), and it was other people telling him to think differently. Sabrina is nice and sweet but to ok to everything, more like a high school ove . Weneed to see in time if Robin and Patrick and Emma get back to what they once were not a week. If the time apart doesnt rekindle anything so be it, but not with a baby and in a week.

  9. I loved Robin and Patrick together when they got married and even after, but once she went away the chemistry between him and Sabrina grew on me. Now that Robin is back I don't feel the connection or chemistry anymore between her and Patrick. Just my feeling. Robin may leave again and where does that leave Patrick and Emma? With a baby on the way for Patrick and Sabrina and hopefully a reunion for them too. I would like to see Patrick and Sabrina and Emma and the new baby together. I think Patrick feels it too.

  10. I was rooting for Patrick and Sabrina but once he chose Robin I was so over him. He does not deserve Sabrina.

  11. Sorry guys but patrick and robin will leave on a trip together... sabrina can stay with carlllooos.. why does she have accent when carlos s hows up? Corny..

  12. I don't see any chemistry between Sabrina and Patrick, He is very good looking and dr. where as Sabrina is not a good looking and don't suit her character. I see her very aggressive even when she was acting nice.