Tuesday, December 31, 2013

GENERAL HOSPITAL Star Teresa Castillo Pregnant With First Child

Teresa Castillo (Sabrina, GH) is expecting a baby girl in late May.
Actress Teresa Castillo, who plays Sabrina Santiago on GENERAL HOSPITAL, has confirmed to People Magazine that she is pregnant.

Castillo and her husband Shane Aaron are expecting their first child — a girl — on May 24.

"It feels wonderful," Castillo told People. "This is the most joyous time of my life. It feels great to finally be able to share it with the world."

The pregnancy has been written into Sabrina's GENERAL HOSPITAL storyline. Sabrina took a home pregnancy on Monday, and found out she was pregnant just as Patrick (Jason Thompson) told Robin Kimberly McCullough) that he wanted to have another baby.


  1. this is pretty dumb, couldn't you just hide the pregnancy like the other actress maxi

  2. Congrats to Theresa but this I can see already that they're gonna jack up this Sabrina/Patrick/Robin storyline with this. How long is Kimberly's contract cuz if it's just for a yr then it didn't really make no sense to come back. We all saw how they jacked up the Sonny/Brenda storyline when Vanessa came back for just that yr. We'll see how this s/l plays out but already I'm not feeling it and it's not jusy cuz I'm a Scrubs fan. I just don't like how Patrick's was acting when Robin came back. Just felt he wasn't being real with himself. They're shouldn't have been any doubt who he wanted to be with especially after everything he went thru when he thought he lost Robin.

  3. I hope that Patrick goes back to Sabrina. I have watched GH for well over thirty years and always loved Patrick and Robin, but this time it just doesn't feel right. The chemistry feels different. I don't think Kimberly will stay for a long period. I really grew to love Patrick with Sabrina. I think this is a case where they may not be able to make the audience fall in love with Patrick and Robin. That is the past.

    1. I totally agree! I was really liking the Sabrina/Patrick relationship. Also, Patrick did in fact fall in love with Sabrina. I thought that he didn't exude the utter elation that one would think when Robin returned. Maybe Robin character will leave and Sabrina and Patrick will reignite their love. Oh no, if Robin character leaves, what will happen to the sweet, very talented Emma character? Maybe Robin will have to REALLY die this time around?