Monday, December 30, 2013

LA PATRONA Episodes on mun2 Moving To New Time Slot

LA PATRONA star Aracely Arámbula - Photo: Telemundo
LA PATRONA will air at a new time on mun2 starting tonight. You can watch episodes Monday-Friday at 7 p.m. ET.

Below is a preview of this week's LA PATRONA episodes on mun2:

Episode 20: Monday December 3
Gabriela’s father Tigre asks her for forgiveness, while the man who raped her, Fernando, must now pay. Tigre will not let Fernando get away with this crime.

Episode 21: Tuesday December 31
Gabriela threatens to hurt anyone who causes harm to her son David. Irene spreads rumors that Fernando and Gabriela were lovers. Fernando agrees claiming they were in love, but Gabriela must convince everyone that these are lies and that he forcefully took advantage of her. Fernando is still in love with Gabriela who continues to fight him off.

Episode 22: Wednesday January 1
Much is revealed! Fernando asks Gabriela for forgiveness. Alejandro reveals to his mother he will leave town with Gabriela and that she is the woman he loves. Julia reveals to Gabriela she will support her against the Beltran family and Antonia is determined to kill Gabriela and her father.

Episode 23: Thursday January 2
Antonia’s actions show she has no heart. Fernando is fed up with being the accomplice to his mother’s crimes and Antonia unveils just how far her hatred will go.

Episode 24: Friday January 3
Fernando finally realizes her mother Antonia killed his father and his wife. Fernando tries to warn Gabriela of his mother’s destructive plan against her but she refuses to believe him.

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