Saturday, December 7, 2013

GENERAL HOSPITAL Day-By-Day Spoilers (Week of December 9th)

"Decisions, Decisions, Decisions" this week on GENERAL HOSPITAL.
Pictured: Nikolas (Tyler Christopher) and Britt (Kelly Thiebaud).
Photo Credit: ABC
Check out day-to-day spoilers and a preview video below to find out what's happening on GENERAL HOSPITAL during the week of December 9th.


Monday, December 9
Heather (Robin Mattson) finds Carly (Laura Wright) in the shower; Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Shawn (Sean Blakemore) pay a visit to Carlos (Jeffrey Vincent Parise); the jury in AJ's (Sean Kanan) trial is adjourned.

Tuesday, December 10
The jury reaches a shocking decision; Franco (Roger Howarth) scrambles to hide a body.

Wednesday, December 11
Patrick (Jason Thompson) has still not sorted out his feelings; Nikolas (Tyler Christopher) feels conflicted; Kevin is out looking for Lucy (Lynn Herring).

Thursday, December 12
Franco pleads with Kevin (Jon Lindstrom) to take him as a patient; Sonny has advice for a grieving Dante; Lucy considers making a confession.

Friday, December 13
Dante reiterates his proposal to Lulu; Britt and Nikolas decorate the Wyndemere Christmas tree; Spinelli has life-changing news.

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  1. Make up your mind, Patrick.

  2. Ron Carlivati is the crazy one if he thinks it would take Patrick more than a nanosecond to choose between Robin Freaking Scorpio and the Disney Princess.

    1. Right, read Soap Opera digest for this week. He is writing this as Patrick is in love with both Disney Princess and Robin - in whose universe would Patrick be conflicted over Robin vs the Disney Princess? He went looking for Robin an hour before his wedding.

  3. The only thing I can say in Patrick's defense is how furious I would be with her for waiting until she was spotted to step up and say something. Patrick went looking for Robin the day of his wedding. He is still in love with her. Sorry Disney Princess!

  4. Nice picture of Diane.

  5. Robin has some nerve asking Sabrina for help. That miss know it all, self serving selfish piece of work needs to realize that it is not all about her. Sabrina just had the rug pulled from under her. Sabrina should just tell Robin to take a hike.