Wednesday, November 20, 2013

David Tom Returning To THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS as Billy Abbott (Press Release)

Check out the CBS Press Release below on the return of David Tom to Y&R. He replaces Billy Miller who is leaving the show at the end of January:

Daytime Emmy Award winner David Tom will re-join the #1 daytime drama THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS as Billy Abbott, the role he created in 1999, and for which he won a Daytime Emmy Award in 2000 for “Outstanding Younger Actor.” Tom's episodes will begin airing in February.

“All of us at CBS Daytime and THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS are thrilled to welcome David Tom back to the Emmy Award-winning role he created,” said Angelica McDaniel, Senior Vice President of CBS Daytime. “We have a lot planned for the character of Billy in 2014, and we’re excited to see David play out the storyline.”

Tom’s credits include roles on ONE LIFE TO LIVE, VERONICA MARS and 90210, as well as CRIMINAL MINDS and CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION, on the Network. Tom is the younger brother of Emmy-winning actress Heather Tom of THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, and also has a twin sister, Nicholle, who is best known for her work on THE NANNY.

- Billy Miller Leaving THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS, David Tom Returning As Billy Abbott


  1. Jess Walton tweeted my exact feeling about this change:

    "Very few things are black and white. It's okay to be sad to see Billy Miller go AND be excited to have David Tom back!"

    And while I realize this could result in that old time soap expression about "taking the character in a new direction," that may not necessarily be a bad thing in this particular case because of the history. - jmho

    1. Thanks for relating that statement, FoxCrane. Clearly, Jess is being the voice of reason and hopefully people will heed her words.

      I liked David Tom and thought he and Jess had terrific chemistry. Hopefully, he'll hit the ground running (if he's rusty or has a slow start, I supposed we'll hear the pronouncements and the wailing hours in-LOL). I wish him well.

      I've been reading statements for some time that Billy Miller has supposedly wanted to explore Primetime options. This gives him the freedom to do so. Good luck to him as well.

      I'm really not sure why people are getting up in arms about this but maybe that's just me.

    2. The character became associated with a lot of Billy Miller's charisma and characteristics and that happens when an actor plays a soap role for a while. But I'm excited to see David Tom's take on the role again, and it's a chance for a reset of the character. I just can't picture him with Amelia's Victoria at all, and obviously not Heather's. ;)

    3. Yeah, I can't picture him with AH's Victoria. Strangely enough, though, I've been getting the vibe that Victoria and Billy were heading to splitsville for some time. I mean, since, the gambling stuff with Billy confiding in Chloe and the kiss. I see that definitely happening now.

  2. Yeah, I haveta agree. I could actually see Tom playing off Hendrickson pretty well. And since I've never been a fan of the Kevin-Chloe love connection (preferred them as friends without benefits) that would put an end to that as well.

  3. Can't picture him with Victoria, really hate to see Billy leave. We've lost so many of my personal favorites. When they decide to bring Drucilla back, I WILL NEVER WATCH AGAIN. I totally hate what has happened to this show. Been watching since the 70's but I have just about had enough

  4. I like David Tom in the role.

  5. I liked David Tom back in the day. I think he'll do a great job. Billy Miller was wonderful as Billy but I recall definitely NOT liking him at first. You grow. I agree with FoxCrane. I'm excited for both really.

  6. Watching this show from day one. Hate that Billy is leaving. Infact I'm pretty feed up with the direction of the whole show. All these new players sick. Especially lantern face kyle. Hard to look at. An Abbey with ...., a joke. They need Stanford back. The real one!!!!!

  7. Billy Miller and Victoria have great chemistry. What will become of them. Not happy with this change!