Thursday, October 31, 2013

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS Casting Handsome, Successful & Sexy New Role

Earlier this fall THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS began looking for a new never-before-heard-of Abbott cousin, Andrew, described as "a strong leading man" in his "mid to late 30s" to play the contract role of the "handsome and educated" Andrew. The character was also described as "very driven and ambitious." Now a relative for Paul Williams (Doug Davidson) could be on the way, and he sounds a lot like Andrew Abbott.

Y&R has sent out a casting call for the contract role of Josh Williams, described as in his "mid to late 30s" and "handsome, successful and very sexy." Josh will be "a smart businessman who can out-maneuver even the shrewdest."

I'm all for adding sexy men to Y&R but it's a shame the show killed off Paul's son, Ricky Williams, played by the beuatiful Peter Porte, who has popped up all over primetime since exiting the soap. And how will Josh be related to Paul? A long, lost kid from Patty would seem unlikely since we have that story already playing for Nikki Newman. Maybe a child of his brother Steven Williams? Or what if Paul also had a son with someone at the cult? I'm kidding about that last one...I think.

As for the Abbott cousin, bringing back Jack's son, Keemo, makes a lot more sense. Ghost John told Jack this week on Y&R that he was now the patriarch of the Abbott family, yet somehow he never mentions Keemo. I think Jack still has some work to do!

But what do you think? Are there any "mid to late 30s" hunks you would suggest for Y&R? Does Y&R need more characters right now?


  1. Totally agree about Keemo. I've always thought Keemo would add some diversity to the show. Furthermore, who the heck is manning the Jabot Lab? .. lol! .. My first choice for casting that role would be AmerAsian actor, Daniel Henney.

    Widower Keemo would arrive with his teenage daughter who has come to study ballet with Madame Chauvin. Aunt Traci would begin to become a mother figure to the young girl due to Colleen's love for dance.


    Your final question also begs the question who might Y&R be getting rid of? Due to budgetary constraints, contract roles on daytime soaps seem to have become something of "one-in, one-out" proposition. Personally, I don't think Tyler or Kyle are cuttin' it - at least not from what they've given the two actors.

    1. Daniel Henney is cute! I would love to know what discussions TPTB have had, if any, about potentially bringing back Keemo.

      Kyle as a character has been a bust so far. I don't blame any of the actors, although I imagine someone like a young Jonathan Jackson would take the bland characterization and make something more of it than is written. I want to like Tyler, because I like Redaric, but they haven't given us much to go on other than he's hot.

    2. Just checked and you can watch some of Daniel Henney's shows at

    3. Yeah, Mr. Henney's been a favorite of mine for awhile now, and if you watch the trailer to a little film he was in titled "Shanghai Calling" you can see that he not only makes a believable businessman, but excels in the romantic lead department.

    4. This is a recast for Billy Miller who did not accept the last contract offer . Shame on CBS, Sony & Jill @ Y&R for not appreciating the excellent talent they have & promoting Jill's new people over everyone else on the cast. It will be VERY difficult to replace Billy Miller with anyone else.

    5. I don't believe this until I read somewhere other then for someone who is "anonymous" and just trying to start rumors

  2. As for the character of Josh Williams (or even Cousin Andrew) .. I could easily see someone like Josh Kelly (Cutter Wentworth, OLTL) being snatched-up. .. And recall - when AMC/OLTL were originally canceled by ABC, he was supposedly one of the actors SONY had designs on. (He is, however, already doing that pilot for a new series on Lifetime. The one called "Unreal.")

  3. I don't think it's a new Abbott its just gonna be a new face for Billy Abbott..Billy Miller might not be renewing his contract