Monday, October 14, 2013

Max Adler & Judith Chapman Shooting Indie Film 'Saugatuck Cures' in Western Michigan

Production has kicked off on indie film Saugatuck Cures, starring Max Adler (Dave, GLEE; Tank, SWITCHED AT BIRTH) and Judith Chapman (Gloria, THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS).

Saugatuck Cures is a comedy about a widowed bed and breakfast owner, Maggie Callaghan (Chapman), living in Saugatuck dealing with a second round of cancer. When she can't afford treatment, Maggie's gay son Drew (Adler) becomes determined to raise money for her treatment, yet doesn't have the slightest idea of how to do it.

After a falling out with his sister, Penelope, a religious conservative, Drew is convinced by his eccentric, best friend Brett (Danny Mooney), who's straight, to pose as ex-gay ministers in order to raise the money by "converting" homosexuals into heterosexuals! After a crazy adventure, getting into a lot of trouble with the law, family conflicts and not knowing if they will have enough time to save mom, the film ends with an overall message of forgiveness, love, and acceptance.

On Saturday, the cast did a public table reading of the film at Saugatuck's Coral Gables Resort.

"We tackle sexuality, we tackle religion and those two are pretty risque topics and people could hear that and think 'offensive,' but it is a comedy, to view these things through a humorous looking glass makes them a lot more palatable and acceptable as opposed to polarizing," Adler said.

ABC Family recently announced that Adler will recur on SWITCHED AT BIRTH as Tank, a fraternity brother Bay befriends in her college art class.

The Saugatuck Cures screenplay was written by Jay Paul Deratany.  Matthew Ladensack is directing the film.  Production will continue through early November.

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