Monday, October 7, 2013

NEWS: Corbin Bleu To Dance Shirtless; Bryan Cranston Will Play LBJ on Broadway; Fall TV Time Slots Trump Buzz; Sexiest Woman Alive

Corbin Bleu's DANCING WITH THE STARS Blog: Going Shirtless For The Paso Doble!
"This dance will also be the first time I'm going shirtless! I usually go to the gym on top of dance rehearsals, but this week my trainer Chad Landers really cracked the whip to get me ready! I’m proud to say working out is a huge part of my lifestyle. I’ve been training with him since I was 18 and over the years, my body has truly transformed. The stamina alone is really helping me get through this rigorous dancing schedule."

Bryan Cranston to Make Broadway Debut as LBJ in 'All the Way'
The BREAKING BAD star will reprise the role of the 36th U.S. president, which he is currently performing in Cambridge, Mass., when the play transfers to New York this winter.

Jim Doti: Pushing limits on THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL
Chapman University President Jim Doti writes" "Just when I thought my budding career as a soap opera star had come to an end, I got my callback from Casey. My role as Mr. Chapman, CFO, on THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL wasn't dead. Mr. Chapman would return."

GENERAL HOSPITAL: The Ugly Denouement of the Baby Connie True Parentage Plot
Marlena De Lacroix writes: "What made this ugly sequence memorable at all was the acting. Dominic Zamprogna’s Dante was fierce and Emme Rylan’s Lulu practically breathed fire as she found out how her best friend Maxie had betrayed her by passing off her biological daughter as Lulu and Dante’s own. But the most winning of all — as has been so this entire dreadful plot — was the acting of Bradford Anderson as Spinelli. The loss and pain of the situation have been continuously written on Anderson’s face and in his tears."

RUMOR: Former ONE LIFE TO LIVE and ONE LIFE TO LIVE star Ilene Kristen taping at GENERAL HOSPITAL?
Rumor has it Kristen taped on Friday, October 4th.

Fox picks up Diablo Cody, Josh Schwartz teen drama pilot
PRODIGY focuses on a 16-year-old home schooled genius who decides to take a shot at the high school experience before heading to college. It works and then backfires when she takes up with a wild crowd.

The big lead-in theory: Fall TV time slots trumping buzz
So far, nearly every new show with big ratings this fall has something in common: An even bigger show airing right before it. The issue for networks is that strong performances propped up by a bigger show often don’t last too long.

Network TV’s First Lesbian Womanizer Is on … TWO AND A HALF MEN?
June Thomas writes "Looking for lesbian role models in a Chuck Lorre sitcom is like searching for vegans at the Kansas City Barbecue Festival: It’s theoretically possible that you’ll find one, but it would come as a huge surprise. Enter Amber Tamblyn as Jenny, Charlie’s 25-year-old daughter, who appeared from nowhere last week. She’s a chip off the old block—a boozer, an enthusiastic consumer of illicit substances, and, it turns out, a lady-killer."

Lifetime's Alicia Silverstone Pilot 'HR' Recruits Peter Fonda
HR centers on an uptight director of human resources at a global company, Ellen Bell (Silverstone), who suffers a head injury that alters her outlook on life. Fonda will play Jonathan Quaff, one of the founders of the company Ellen works for. He is bowled over by Ellen's unorthodox and shocking ideas on how to upgrade the company's image while keeping everyone happily employed. Should HR move forward to series, Fonda would be a recurring guest star.

Kerry Washington’s Hair Evolution As Olivia Pope on SCANDAL
Over the past two seasons, Washington’s style on SCANDAL has closely mirrored Judy Smith’s, the real life woman behind the television show , who is a longtime fan of structured pantsuits and soft, free-flowing hair.

Scarlett Johansson named Esquire's Sexiest Woman Alive
Mila Kunis, Rihanna, Minka Kelly, Kate Beckinsale, Halle Berry, Charlize Theron, Jessica Biel and Angelina Jolie also made the list.

Cinemax Developing American/Scandinavian Western Drama
BLOOD & ICE, from BANSHEE director Ole Christian Madsen (OC Madsen), is an American/Scandinavian Western-inspired action drama about the near-future race to control the vast natural resources hiding in the Arctic.

The glass ceiling of TV's golden age
Kayla Upadhyaya writes: "Soap is a gendered genre. Again, there’s historical context to that assumption. Daytime soaps were initially marketed to women (who were presumed to be at home during airtime), examined the private and public lives of women and featured female-dominant casts. But that’s exactly why the undervalued genre plays such an important role in TV history: It was one of the first television movements that was for and by women."

DOCTOR WHO's Matt Smith To Lead UK Musical Version Of ‘American Psycho’
Smith will play Patrick Bateman, the serial-killing investment banker originally portrayed by Christian Bale in Mary Harron’s 2000 film adaptation.

Former AS THE WORLD TURNS actress Lauryn Hill Released After Completing Prison Term for Tax-Evasion
Lauryn Hill was released from a federal prison Friday after serving a three-month sentence for tax evasion, People reports.

"She was released several days early based on a number of factors the Bureau of Prisons takes into consideration, including good behavior," Hill's attorney Nathan Hochman told the magazine. "She will now start today a one-year period of probation with three months of home confinement during that year."

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