Monday, September 16, 2013

UNDER THE DOME Season Finale Preview

Photo Credit: Brownie Harris/CBS
The first season of UNDER THE DOME concludes on Monday, September 16th at 10 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

In the episode, "Curtains," secrets of the Dome are revealed and Big Jim is determined to put an end to Barbie once and for all. Meanwhile, Junior, Angie, Joe and Norrie discover who the Monarch is after receiving a shocking visit from a familiar face.

Watch a sneak peek below:

Mike Vogel (Dale "Barbie" Barbara)
Rachelle Lefevre (Julia Shumway)
Dean Norris (James "Big Jim" Rennie)
Natalie Martinez (Deputy Linda)
Britt Robertson (Angie)
Alex Koch (Junior)
Colin Ford (Joe)
Nicholas Strong (Phil Bushey)
Jolene Purdy (Dodee)
Aisha Hinds (Carolyn Hill)

Samantha Mathis (Alice)
Mackenzie Lintz (Norrie)
John Elvis (Ben)
Dale Raoul (Andrea)

Chris Johnson (Volunteer)
Kevin Patrick Murphy (Farmer)
Zuri Adele (Mother)

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