Saturday, September 7, 2013

NEWS: NFL GAME OF THRONES Logos; Alicia Minshew; SCANDAL Impacting Fashion; Cynthia Nixon; ANACOSTIA on NPR

See every NFL team reimagined as a GAME OF THRONES house
The NFL season kicked off on Thursday on continues with a full slate of games on Sunday. Reddit user Tim Proby created GAME OF THRONES-style sigils for all 32 teams. "The NFL and GAME OF THRONES both have drama and fan reaction that you don't see anywhere else in entertainment," Proby, who plans to continue tweaking the images, tells Co.Create. "The passion of both fanbases is equal."

Alicia Minshew approached to " tape a few episodes" of ALL MY CHILDREN for season finale but it didn't happen
"I was approached by Ginger to tape a few episodes at the end, a fun little thing that would be part of the season finale. I said, 'Sure, I’ll do it.' But that taped a long time ago, so I guess I’m not a part of the finale [laughs]. I get it, things happen."

SCANDAL costume designer LynPaolo is seeing a clear Olivia Pope Effect on designers at New York Fashion Week
"At the CFDAs, a bunch of designers told us they're incorporating gloves this year because they just loved how the gloves looked on the show. I’m not going to say who, but gloves are everywhere now! It’s a huge compliment but I'm always sort of amazed that they have time to watch."

Cynthia Nixon Joins Season 2 Cast of HANNIBAL
Nixon will play Kade Prurnell, an employee of the Office of the Inspector General in FBI Oversight who is investigating the events of the first season and Jack Crawford’s (Laurence Fishburne) culpability.

Online ANACOSTIA Soap Opera Turns The Genre On Its Head
"The characters are real, you know. They're your mom. They're your sister. They're your neighbors."

CORONATION STREET's Michael Le Vell says affairs while wife had cancer are his 'dark secrets'
The 48-year-old, being tried under his real name of Michael Turner, told the jury of a conversation he had with someone last year about "secrets".

He told the person: "I have had a few one-night stands."

He said he had a similar conversation four years ago but did not reveal the secrets.

Le Vell agreed also telling the same person that what he had done was "something unforgivable."

But he denied ever saying that they would not be believe "what things are inside my head."

Maya-Language Television Soap Opera Airs in Mexico
BAKTUN follows the life of a young man who left his village in the Yucatan Peninsula to work as a cook in New York, where he became estranged from his family and began to forget how to speak Mayan. Upon his return, he learns the importance of his language and culture while fighting his brother for his childhood love.

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