Wednesday, September 25, 2013

NEWS: Scandal, Spice, And Sex(Ed); Francis Ford Coppola at Y&R; Lauren Koslow, Greg Vaughn and Camila Banus on NECN

DAYS stars Lauren Koslow, Greg Vaughn and Camila Banus promote
the new "Better Living" book on NECN (video below)
Scandal, Spice, And Sex(Ed): How A Soap Opera May Change The Fortunes Of One Impoverished African Country
There is a radio soap opera in Burundi that will soon air with positive health messages in its otherwise racy storylines. Burundi is a small country in the heart of Africa- one of the poorest and least developed in the world.

In Burundi there are lots of condoms and lots of organizations teaching people how to use them and why to use them. And yet, as mentioned, only 18% of women use modern contraception. Obviously there is disconnect between good intentions and results. So, we’ve begun working on a new approach: a unique communication program that has worked in numerous countries around the world, and holds great promise in a country like Burundi, where audiences are fanatic about soap operas. The idea? A locally-written, locally-produced soap about life in Burundi, peppered with positive values and modeling healthy behaviors.

Francis Ford Coppola on the set of THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS
He is interested in learning more about multi-camera and live TV and was on set and in the control room of the hit CBS daytime soap.

After observing production, Coppola said of the experience, "I'm enjoying being at THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS. The people are wonderful. I'm learning a lot."

Primetime Emmys: An ‘In Memoriam’ Post Mortem — What Went Wrong
The uncomfortable, often nasty and therefore decidedly unfortunate angst centered on the special tributes would have been avoided had the Academy and CBS chosen not to publicize them beforehand. And the only reason to publicize them is for precisely the reason many people objected to Monteith’s inclusion: as a barely disguised attempt to boost the Emmycast’s ratings. There’s absolutely no other incentive.

NASHVILLE's Sam Palladio Teases Gunnar's Season 2 Journey: He's 'Finding Himself'
“After all that kind of — the brother stuff, that arc he went on was kind of crazy, so he’s finding his relationship with himself a little more and his music and a close relationship with Will — Chris Carmack’s character — builds more this year,” Sam said.

The real star of ABC's NASHVILLE? Nashville
“It’s a capital investment and a personnel investment that occurs in the city,” Mayor Karl Dean said. “Which is even more important because it helps us develop our TV and film industry here, which I think is a natural next step for us in terms of being Music City, to have that element here, too. But it’s hard to put a number on what it means to have a network TV show named NASHVILLE that has a positive outlook on the city and is viewed by millions and millions of people. That’s something that doesn’t happen to most cities, and I think it’s a good thing for us to embrace it.”

Will Rayna and Deacon Reconcile? Will Juliette Find Love? NASHVILLE Bosses Spill on Season 2
What about the Scarlett-Avery-Gunnar-Will love square? Between these four, romance and friendship will only get more complicated. For Will (Chris Carmack), his struggle between being gay and wanting to be a country music star will continue. "Ultimately Rayna is going to have a working relationship with him and it's wrought with all the complications that the audience is aware of and Rayna is not," showrunner Dee Johnson says, adding that Gunnar, maybe surprisingly, will end up being a truly good friend to Will in the process.

Lauren Koslow, Greg Vaughn and Camila Banus join NECN to talk about the newly released "Days of Our Lives: Better Living: Cast Secrets for a Healthier, Balanced Life"

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  1. Just for the helluvit, Y&R should let Francis Ford Copolla direct an episode for November Sweeps .. lol! (And according to Nelson Branco, he's actually been shadowing the crew since June.)