Sunday, September 22, 2013

NEWS: Meet the New Black Soap-Star Hunks; DAYS Book Tour; 25 Most Stylish Men on Television

Ebony: Meet the New Black Soap-Star Hunks
With the recent introductions of actors Redaric Williams, Lamon Archey and Lawrence Saint-Victor (on CBS-TV's THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS and THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, respectively), there seems to be much more where that sexy blackness came from. These brothers are among the newest faces of daytime television—and there are no holds barred with their steamy storylines and sexy on-screen scenarios.

"Every single time I walk into that building, I say, 'Wow, this is my job. This is really, really cool.'" Williams, who portrays hot, young marketing wiz Tyler Michaelson, shares his experiences on the CBS lot in Los Angeles. He’s come a long way from doing Carling Black Label beer commercials in South Africa just a few years ago. The Detroit area native originally started out as a Canadian TV child star who went on to pursue theater at the University of North Texas, where he was a burgeoning sports star.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES cast members to sign new book in Northvale, New Jersey on Monday
When "Days of Our Lives Better Living: Cast Secrets for a Healthier, Balanced Life" landed in her dressing room, however, the actress who plays Marlena Evans on the long-running soap opera found herself captivated by the stories and photography.

"I had no vision of the scope of it," said Hall. "I am so unspeakably proud of the people with whom I work."

The book is broken down into five sections — nutrition, exercise, style, inspiration and balance. Hall will be in Northvale with fellow cast members Kristian Alfonso (Hope Williams Brady), Galen Gering (Rafe Hernandez) and James Scott (E.J. DiMera) to sign the new book and greet fans.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Check out the complete book tour schedule here.

A Radio Soap Opera Aims to Fight Coffee Disease
A soap opera that features a coffee producing family has played an important role in reaching small farmers in remote areas of Central America. The soap opera aims at informing farmers of the plague of rust that affects the region, as well as explaining how to combat it.

The radio drama ABOUT A CUP OF COFFEE, released on August 9, revolves around the Martínez Fernández family, which is dedicated to coffee production and nearly loses their crops due to rust, a fungus that affects plants and causes early fall of the fruit.

In the final chapters the family explains the importance of applying good techniques to combat rust and have a healthy and productive coffee plantation. So far Honduras and El Salvador are the countries where the soap opera has been most successful.

12. Bob Benson (James Wolk), MAD MEN
GQ: The 25 Most Stylish Men on Television
GQ names the best-dressed guys on TV right now from #25 Carson Daily to #1 Boyd Crowder.

Damon Lindelof Explains the Truth Behind Leaked Early LOST Document
Before production the pilot of Lost began, ABC was “very concerned about the premise’s viability as a series.” So four writers (Javier Grillo-Marxuach, Paul Dini, Jennifer Johnson and Christian Taylor) were hired to come up with ideas that would ease the network’s concerns.

So after nine weeks of work, breaking down thirty-three possible “self-contained” story lines (many of which did end up getting used), ABC liked the document and picked up the show. Which of course is where things all changed.

Neil Patrick Harris Explains In Memoriam Changes at Primetime Emmys
“We’ve come up with this idea – five different people that we chose sort of from different areas of television are being spoken about by people who were important to them,” he said. “[They’ll speak about them] not in a pitying way, but I think in a respectful, classy way that will make you remember their life in a positive, forward-momentum kind of style.”

EASTENDERS Jasmyn Banks exits Albert Square
The the decision to write out the 22-year-old's character came after hunk Steve John Shepherd, who has played Michael for the last three years, told producers he was quitting.

HOLLYOAKS airs shocking Osborne, Roscoe twist
[SPOILER ALERT] The show revealed on Friday that Darren Osborne was Sandy Roscoe's secret son.

Viewers of E4's first look screening saw Sandy (Gillian Taylforth) drop the bombshell publicly amid an argument with the Osborne family at The Dog In The Pond.


  1. Can one listen to "About A Cup Of Coffee" online?

    1. I looked around earlier but couldn't find a place to listen.

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    3. "About a Cup of Coffee" ("Alrededor de una taza de cafe") is available at the IICA website, but only in Spanish. ¿Se habla Español?

  2. That article on EASTENDERS includes a pretty big SPOILER within, which the "Daily Star" fails to caution readers about. I regularly read spoilers, but I kinda wish I hadn't read that one.

    And man oh man - that makes SIX sons for Sandy Roscoe ... what a prolific propagator ... lol!

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  4. The article on L O S T is interesting.

  5. HOLLYOAKS just put a video-interview up (9/24) with Ashley Taylor Dawson (Darren) discussing the shocking Osborne-Roscoe twist: