Sunday, September 15, 2013

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL Day-By-Day Spoilers (Week of September 16th)

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Check out day-to-day spoilers and a sneak peek video below to find out what's happening on THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL during the week of September 16th.


Monday, September 16
Carter makes a marriage proposal; Bill (Don Diamont) tries to comfort Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) about their relationship.

Tuesday, September 17
Rick (Jacob Young) tries to win back Maya (Karla Mosley); Liam (Scott Clifton) asks Hope (Kim Matula) to get out of the deal with Wyatt (Darin Brooks).

Wednesday, September 18
Quinn (Rena Sofer) goes to Forrester Mansion; Wyatt taunts Liam about Hope.

Thursday, September 19
Wyatt finds another reason to dislike Liam; Quinn makes sure her contract stays intact.

Friday, September 20
Brooke gives Bill a chance to fix his marriage; Wyatt believes Hope has feelings for him.

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  1. First of all Bill & Brooke is so boring, it appears unreal, its all about sex and hey lets get a life; here is how we do this; Please let Katie meet and marry a guy who has more power and money than dollar Bill, send Brooke to the wacko unit, let Liam start drinking, Wyatt can run Spencer, let wyatt and Hope get married, but be pregrant with Liam's kid,find Donna a man,
    let Caroline and Rick marry! come on lets get spicy, bill and Brooke are so bad!!!!!!!!!

  2. No; here's how it should play out. Maya marries Rick and gets ownership of the company then remarries Carter only to fall for Rick again. Brooke falls out of love with Bill and on to Wyatt. Katie marries a more powerful and richer man than Bill and he's Black. Carolina falls for Maya.

  3. Just get rid of Brook, I am so sick of her and stupid Bill, I record this show and watch it later, so I can fast forward Brook and Bill, can't stand watching them.
    I hope Katie does not take back womanizer Bill.

  4. Ican't stand Brooke Logan. She is a horrible mother, sister and friend.
    Please let her move on to someone else ,so Bill can see what a fool he has been and let him catch much hell trying to get Katie back. Give Katie..a decent man who loves and deserves her and not want that tramp Brook. Not every man in LA has to be seduced by her. Please try to be more creative. I'm sick of BROOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. the storyline of brooke and bill has to stop, it's so wrong, how can the writers thought that the viewers like this, it's disgusting, writers please wake up and do something aboutit,i am sick of it. there is an unwritten law keep your hands of your sisters husband even in a soap, my god i am so glad that i not have a sister like brooke.

  6. They need to bring back Ridge. Then have Ridge and Brooke get back together. Bill needs to crawl back to Katie who has met someone else in NY.

  7. The writers with their story line of Bill and Brooke are trash. It is very, very, sick. You can have a great soap without your sister screwing your husband and trying to use a lame excuses. I feel sorry for the writers. If they are not careful they will drive the viewers away. Even in soap operas, most Americans believe in morality. Bill and Brook is downright nasty. I agree with one of the other commentor they should make sure Katie finds a wonderful man with more money and power than Bill. Also, get rid of that whimp Liam. What a wasting whinner.

  8. brook makes me sick she has to have everyman or boy on show katie should never forgive her and bring back steffy so sick of the logan sluts the only good one is katie

  9. for sure the writers will drive away viewers Brooke and B ill suck

  10. This is so wrong. How can Brooke sleep with her sisters husband. Plese find another story line for Brooke and Bill.

  11. Guys it is just a soap oprea! It's not real life, you must like it cause you keep watching...

  12. Guys it is just a soap oprea! Not real life...if you hate it don't watch...

  13. Agree with comments about Brooke and Bill but also hate the storyline with Wyatt and Hope too! Can't stand him! He's a bad actor and not suited to Hope at all. Leave her and Liam alone to FINALLY get together!!

  14. I've been watching this soap from day one. I love it.
    Stephy is from windsor where I live. And just read caroline had hodgkins. I had hodgkins as well.
    Anyways I like the storyline. I mean think about it
    IF everything happened the way it morally should wouldn't it be boring.
    Just watch and get into it. Its not real life. Chill

  15. Just because I don't agree with the storyline, doesn't mean I will stop watching. This has always been my favorite soap.

  16. If Hope gets pregnant it has to be with Wyatt....Stephanie and boring Liam have already run the baby story line.

  17. Bring Thorne back! He is the perfect choice for Katie! Or, better yet how about a love triangle with Eric, Quinn and Thorne? A real Father/Son rivalry. Hope and Liam should never marry....way to sappy. No Sparks!! Brooke needs to go her character has run the gamut of men and tears. She has become too predictable, no surprises left in her. Also don't you think the "lemon bars" have worn out their welcome? I say it's about time to resurrect the funny just for kicks storyline that was so much fun in the Sally Spectra days. How about a love triangle with a nerdy bespectacled loading dock worker, the lemon bar queen and Donna??

  18. Just started watching again after 10 years - great to see the writers have not changed one bit! Brooke can still cry in every episode and they have never let her find a man to keep - Taylor is still Taylor - Eric is the male version of Brooke - managing to become involved with all the women. Ahhhhh the joys of a 'soap'.
    I don't know what the writers can do - but it is obvious that the older actors won't be around forever so the story has to include and become more about the young ones. However do the story lines have to be the same as the last 20 years - let's be creative writers and think of new and exciting stuff - while still holding true to the fact that it is a fictitious world designed for us to escape to at 4.30 every day. :-) from Australia with love.
    I now realise why I watch it - for the laughter value