Thursday, August 8, 2013

WATCH: First Two Episodes of ROOM 8, THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL's Web Series

What happens when two attractive young people - an unemployed business analyst and a budding comic-book artist - unknowingly rent the same apartment, the only one that each could find? They reluctantly decide to move in together, and that's when the sparks fly as opposite worlds collide, in ROOM 8, the new online series debuting today, starring two characters (Carter Walton and Maya Avant) from the CBS daytime soap opera THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL.

Lawrence Saint-Victor plays Carter and Karla Mosley is Maya on THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL. Their characters star in a web series on B&B and ROOM 8 is that web series within a soap come to life. CBS did this with THE LAW on GUIDING LIGHT in 2006-2007. The network also used characters from THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS and AS THE WORLD TURNS in a web series, L.A. DIARIES, in 2007 but that series was never mentioned on the soaps.

Check out the first two episodes of ROOM 8 below and let us know what you think.

"Moving In"

"Ground Rules"

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  1. The show is on YouTube for those not living in the USA!