Thursday, August 29, 2013

THE BAY The Series Shoots TV Pilot

Mary Beth Evans, Kristos Andrews and Lilly Melgar in THE BAY.
Emmy-nominated and Indie Soap Award-winning THE BAY The Series is back! Creator Gregori J. Martin tells We Love Soaps the show just wrapped production on a one-hour pilot that Associated Television International (ATI) will be shopping to cable TV networks.

There were some exciting changes this time around that should help make the show hotter than ever.

The story takes place three years in the future. If you watched the first two seasons of THE BAY web series, you'll be familiar with some of the characters but you won't need to have watched in order to follow the pilot. It's a re-introduction to the show and its stories.

Many fan favorites will be returning including Mary Beth Evans (Sara), Tristan Rogers (Lex), Kristos Andrews (Peter), Matthew Ashford (Steve), Lilly Melgar (Janice), Nicolas Coster (Jack), Jackie Zeman (Sofia), Camden Toy (Igor) and Taylor Stanley (Zoey).

Nicolas Coster, Jackie Zeman, Emmie Romanovich and Tristan Rogers.
Martin reveals the pilot is upping the level of sexiness, and it looks like one of the sexiest men in Bay City, Matthew Johnson (the gay nurse played by Thor Knai), will get in on the action. Look for the hunky Erik Fellows to be involved in that!

One new addition to the cast we can reveal is Carlo Mendez, who fans might remember as Juan from Robert Townsend's Indie Soap Award-winning drama DIARY OF A SINGLE MOM.

Martha Madison, who played Marly during the first two seasons, was added as a script writer.

Tristan Rogers, Mary Beth Evans and Derrell Whitt.
A number of talented people were added behind the scenes as the show used the multi-camera format for the first time. Former ALL MY CHILDREN executive producer Julie Hanan Carruthers consulted on the production; Nadine Aronson (ALL MY CHILDREN) was the supervising producer; and Anthony Pascarelli (THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL) was producer/AD.  There were also others and their many years of production experience have taken the show to a new level.

We can't reveal anything else about the storylines yet but let's just say life in Bay City will never be the same.

Look for more information in the coming months as the show works to sell the pilot.


  1. Oh! I've been waiting for The Bay to return for so long. I can't wait to see it. Sounds great!

  2. Liking Peter with long hair.

  3. It's been a long time coming. The waiting is finally over!! YAY!!

  4. Can't wait! Sounds intriguing. Looking forward to seeing where it picks up. Impressive list for behind the scenes.

  5. This is great. We need a soapy drama on cable! Hope it happens.

  6. I love The Bay! I have really enjoyed watching it develop since its inception. I enjoy Mary Beth Evans, Lily Melgar, Taylor Stanley, Tristan Rogers, Jed Allan, Matt Ashford, and Charles Shaughnessy tremendously. Thank you to Gregori J. Martin as well as any and everyone else who had a hand in making The Bay a reality!

    Thanks for all your efforts. It's been great fun!

  7. Thank you for covering THE BAY! I can't wait till it premieres. Will is a cop! Tandie Jo looks none too pleased in that shot there. Hmm. This should be fun!

  8. I have been missing the bay. Looking forward to seeing this one day. Good luck to them shopping it around.

    Thanks for the coverage!

  9. Awesome news. Loved the previous seasons of The Bay & looking forward to more Bay drama.

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  11. The little engine that could.. Super Talented group of people who should be on TV. Bringing back THE BAY BAY to TV would make my Day Day. !:)))

  12. love the show! I am a big fan. Hope you all the best!!! Can't wait to see it on tv! i am hooked and NEED to see more!