Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Most popular casino games in soaps

Despite not appearing too often in soaps, the casino and the feature of gambling can give any story line a boost. Many soap ‘hard men’ are depicted gambling in some form. Scenes featuring this mainly appear to be based around the same popular casino games; Poker and Blackjack.

When considering casino games in soaps Poker and Blackjack seem to feature heavily, with the likes of Roulette, Craps and Slots somewhat lagging behind in the coverage stakes. You may see the odd slot machine in a bar, but a real scene of suspense can be built around a tense card game. The idea of a casino scene such as blackjack or poker gives the opportunity to show how ‘hard’ a character is. Throwing money around and trying to bluff an opponent (often an enemy) gives the audience a different kind of suspense to the usual soap dramas.

These games are more effective as they require a certain element of skill, rather than the games that are reliant on luck. The reasoning behind this logic is thought to be that when a protagonist can win at these games, they display a certain kind of skill and intelligence that makes them appealing to the viewer. This is particularly endearing when it is unexpected and if the protagonist is the underdog of the game, which is usually the case.

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