Joan Collins Reportedly Upset Over Swinging Story In New Shirley Jones Book

A battle may be brewing between DYNASTY actress Joan Collins and DAYS OF OUR LIVES guest star Shirley Jones, best known as the mom in THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY.

The former gal pals are reportedly in a heated argument over a particularly racy scene in a new book written by Jones.

According to TMZ, Collins is fuming over a portion of "Shirley Jones: A Memoir," in which Jones writes that her then-husband Jack Cassidy, Collins and Tony Newley nearly engaged in swinging.

Jones recounted in her book that after the two couples enjoyed dinner together, Newley suggested they all strip down and watch porn together.

"It was clear what Tony was leading up to – swinging," Jones writes, according to TMZ. She alleges she turned down the offer.

But Collins is adamant that the story never happened and, TMZ reports, she has sent Jones a cease and desist letter demanding the shockingly raunchy book be removed from bookstores.


  1. If they were pals, Shirley should have talked to Joan before the book came out.

  2. I'm going to her Book Signing (first) tonight THrsday Aug 1st at The Grove Barnes & Noble in West Hollywood CA 7PM....

  3. Okay ... Maybe they're both wrong, and Joan was out of the room at the time, and Shirley misunderstood Tony thinking that he wanted her to join him and Jack! :->