Wednesday, July 24, 2013

DALLAS Star Steve Kanaly Joins DEVANITY Season 4

Steve Kanaly - Photo: TNT
Original DALLAS cast member Steve Kanaly will be guest-starring on Indie Soap Award-winning web series DEVANITY in Season 4. Kanaly will appear on the canvas as Florida billionaire Charles Kane, who comes to Los Angeles with plans to make Jason DeVanity an offer he can't refuse. Unbeknownst to the DeVanity clan, and Jason in particular, his motives are as personal as they are professional.

Kanaly is best known for his role as Ray Krebbs, foreman of the Southfork Ranch, on the primetime soap opera DALLAS. He returned to TNT's new version of the show in both its first and second seasons. Viewers of ALL MY CHILDREN will also remember Kanaly as Seabone Hunkle, the father of fan favorite Dixie Cooney Martin in the mid-1990s.

"I have always been a fan of Steve on DALLAS and I think he is the absolute perfect fit for this role," said DEVANITY showrunner, writer and star Michael Caruso. "I wrote this character specifically for him, and I know he is going to knock it out of the park. When he called me and agreed to do it I couldn't get over how excited I was. The character of Charles Kane is a powerful Southern business man, but what is driving him is very personal to the story, and sets the wheels in motion for what happens throughout the rest of the season. Jason will definitely be making a deal with the devil."

Kanaly is scheduled to begin filming early August, and will appear in the second episode of the upcoming DEVANITY season. He will be joined by returning stars Kyle Lowder, Gordon Thomson, his DALLAS co-star Charlene Tilton and a few additional yet-to-be announced names from daytime and primetime soaps. Kanaly's Ray and Tilton's Lucy were having sex when she was a teen, and before they learned Ray was Jock's son (and Lucy's uncle).

DEVANITY, from Caruso/Portier Productions, has already started filming Season 4, and plans an early 2014 rollout. For more information visit


  1. I wish DALLAS would get Steven Kanaly back on the show. With Larry Hagman gone, they will need as many old favorites as they can get to help out. I also want to know what happened to Bobby's bio son Lucas that Ray raised with Jenna Wade in Switzerland. I always remember that being a dumb storyline, why would a cowboy go off to be in Switzerland.