Saturday, July 6, 2013

RIP Baby Ariel! GENERAL HOSPITAL's Emma Loses Doll To Tragic Grill Accident Thanks To The Britch

The funniest thing that happened on TV this week was on GENERAL HOSPITAL and, luckily, relish had nothing to do with it. On Friday's episode, Britt (aka The Britch), played perfectly by Kelly Thiebaud, showed up at the park where Patrick, Sabrina and Emma (Brooklyn Rae Silzer) were celebrating the 4th of July. Emma was none too pleased since she likes Britt even less than Sabrina does. Sabrina convinced Emma to be the bigger person and talk to Britt so Emma decided to let Britt hold her doll, the beloved Baby Ariel (the doll "that can do everything a real baby does.").

"She cries, she laughs, she drinks," Emma told Britt as she handed over the doll.

As Britt cradled Ariel, Emma added, "See, she even tinkles."

Upon getting wet Britt frantically tossed the baby into the air and it ended up on the grill immediately going up in flames.  Check out how it all went down in the clip below:


  1. It was no Bauer BBQ, but a decent 4th of July show.

    I did find myself wondering how Michael knew that Kiki and Morgan had moved out of the mansion and into that potting shed.

    I liked that it was acknowledged that Britt and Felicia never really met...just like in real life we don't always know everyone else no matter how close the orbits come.

  2. An instant classic.