NEWS: Michelle Stafford Talks Leaving Y&R; Tracey Bregman On Lauren Being Kidnapped (Again); Kelly Sullivan's Last Day at GH; Lunch With Maurice Benard

Michelle stafford opens up about leaving THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS
In the new issue of Digest, Y&R's Michelle Stafford (Phyllis) breaks her silence about the real reasons she left the show, how she'd feel if she was recast and what she plans to do now. She also talks about how TPTB reacted to her decision to say good-bye to Genoa City. "No one tried to make me stay, but in their defense, I was pretty definite about going," she says. "And I did it so there wouldn’t be any drama, so that they knew I wasn’t going to play a negotiation game. I really care for everyone at the show. I established long-lasting relationships with them. And I wanted it to be all above-board. So I think they knew I was serious."

Y&R's Tracey Bregman: 'I truly believe Lauren did not see this coming'
"Every Y&R writer finds a way to somehow bind me in duct tape. But this one I never saw coming. Obviously Carmine was obsessed with Lauren. But he started out such a sweet, gentle soul. She never imagined he'd become psychotic and physically dangerous. Neither did I!"

Kelly Sullivan's last tape day at GENERAL HOSPITAL is Friday, July 26
"My last day. It's gonna be a good one," the actress tweeted on Friday morning.

Charity Buzz: Grab 3 Friends and Have Lunch With GENERAL HOSPITAL Star and Emmy Award Winner Maurice Benard in LA
"This role is what I do best," Benard says of his GH character. "Sonny is unpredictable. You never know from one second to the next what he is thinking, feeling or planning. He's a man in personal conflict who maintains an outward appearance of calm at all times, at any cost."

Proceeds benefit the United States Intercollegiate Boxing Association.

DEADWOOD creator near deal for HBO drama pilot
David Milch is getting closer to making his HBO return. HBO executives at the Television Critics Association press tour further described the pilot as the story of a “dynastic New York media family” that has a “classic Milch-ian voice.”

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS coming to Pivot starting August 1st
On Aug. 1, Pivot, aimed at millennials, will launch. It's cobbled together from channels once dedicated to Documentary Channel and Halogen TV. Early series will include RAISING MCCAIN, a talk show hosted by Meghan McCain, daughter of U.S. Sen. John McCain; coming-of-age comedy PLEASE LIKE ME; and acquired series, including FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, FARSCAPE and Canadian sitcom LITTLE MOSQUE ON THE PRAIRIE.

ONCE UPON A TIME casts Tinkerbell
Actress Rose McIver has landed the ABC hit’s take on the classic role, and will appear in multiple episodes next season

Australian actress Kym Valentine is suing the producers of soap opera NEIGHBOURS
The star played Libby Kennedy from 1994 until 2004, but took time out of the show to raise her daughter. She returned in 2007, but took indefinite leave in 2011, just months after she checked into a private hospital to be treated for exhaustion. Valentine has now taken legal action, accusing production company FremantleMedia Australia, legal director Steven Rosser and former NEIGHBOURS producers Susan Bower and Neal Kingston of engaging in unlawful discrimination.

The 36 year old claims FremantleMedia failed to provide "a working environment that was safe" and that it breached "the relationship of trust and confidence". Valentine is seeking compensation for lost wages and "pain, hurt, suffering and humiliation", as well as an apology and an acknowledgement that she suffered unlawful discrimination, according to documents obtained by Fairfax Media.

Annual Daytime Stars and Strikes event will take place Sunday, October 13, 2013
Join hosts Jerry verDorn and Liz Keifer and actors from daytime and web soaps on the lanes and help strike out cancer.


  1. I don't care for the way the Lauren Carmine saga is wrapping up. The complexity of the relationship has been written away basically. Sad to say, that Y&R took the easy way out, choosing once again to make Lauren the eternal victim in the piece, needing to be rescued.

    Contrast this with how As The World Turns handled the story-line with the affair between Margo and Hal.
    Even though Margo reconciled with Tom, the aftermath of that affair yielded storyline benefits for years to come!
    As it is, Y&R has sort of shortened, if not completely shutoff a lot of future possibilities, storywise. Kind of disappointed in the conclusion of this story after it started out so well.

  2. So sad to see Michelle leave Y&R I will miss her so much! she is one fabulous actress!!!

  3. a1scrivener - I'm with you on your 'easy way out' summary. And we really don't need another "Lauren in Danger" scenario. The TVGuide article mentions Shelia, but in all, there have been no less than six stalker-kidnapping-psycho stories in Lauren's history: Shawn Garrett, Sheila Carter (more than once), Rush Carrera, Sheila 2.0 (Stafford), Sarah Smythe, and now Carmine Basco. .. I really like Marco Dapper (Carmine), but it's really lame turning him into another nutjob obsessed with Lauren.

  4. Sorry to see Kelly Sullivan (Connie/Kate) leaving the show she will be missed!

  5. Of all the characters who have joined the show in the past year or so, Carmine is the best, by far. They need to find a way to keep the character because Marco Dapper is really hitting it out of the park.