Nicolas Coster & Cindy Pickett debut in MY SYNTHESIZED LIFE on
Tuesday, July 30
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MY SYNTHESIZED LIFE creator Nate Golon gave us the scoop on his show's next episode. Fan favorite actors Nicolas Coster and Cindy Pickett  debut on Tuesday in Episode #3.  Thanks, Nate, for this preview photo!

Coster has starred in just about every daytime soap opera including SANTA BARBARA, AS THE WORLD TURNS and ANOTHER WORLD. He was nominated for an Indie Soap Award in 2012 for his work on THE BAY. Pickett has starred in GUIDING LIGHT, ST. ELSEWHERE and, of course, as Ferris Bueller's mom. We Love Soaps spoke with Pickett last year just before she was about the shoot her first scenes in her first web series. She told us about meeting with Golon and being sold right away.

"We met at the Rose Cafe in Venice and he was just great," Pickett said. "I really like the script and I love to work. There's not a lot of work anymore for those of us over 50."

Coster and Pickett are playing Hank and Louise Bales, the parents of Jimmy (Brent Bailey), the show's lead character whose voice naturally synthesizes after he survives being electrocuted by his car radio. Marie Wilson (AS THE WORLD TURNS, PORT CHARLES) returns on Tuesday as well. She was hilarious in the premiere episode. In WORKSHOP and now SYNTHESIZED Golon has brought out a comedic side of Wilson we had barely seen before.

If you haven't watched the first two episodes of MY SYNTHESIZED LIFE, check them out on the show's YouTube channel.

Several new trailers have recently been released including BETWEEN JUPITER AND MARS, created by Rob Bruner and Campbell Massie.

Jonathan Holbrook's science fiction thriller series, STILL, for Chronicle Factory will premiere in OCTOBER.

VENICE released an official promo for its upcoming fourth season which premieres August 7th. The show chose the "Embedding disabled by request" YouTube option for the video.  I have never understood why producers want to make it difficult to share their series because it seems self-defeating. One web series in 2011, which shall remain nameless, forced viewers to watch episodes on their website only and embedded the videos three levels deep to the point that you could barely even find them. It makes sense to me if you have a subscription model for your episodes or even if you have ads running on your site and need the traffic. But YouTube videos? No.  Am I wrong?  I would love to hear feedback on this from the Indie community and the fans. You can watch the VENICE promo here.

Steven Bennett's new web series, PARALLELS, premieres on Monday, July 29 at 8 p.m. ET. Check out a promo for the show's first three episodes below.

Last week we finally got a new episode of the Ben Fritz and Cynthia Watros comedy CYNTHIA WATROS GETS LOST.  It was a "lost episode" and, sadly, the final episode. Desperate for work, Cynthia seeks employment at a donut shop. Hoping to avoid being recognized, her new job is in Crenshaw, away from the Hollywood lights. Will Cynthia make it threw her first day on the job? Watch below and see.

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