Thursday, July 25, 2013


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Nate Golon's notable new comedy MY SYNTHESIZED LIFE premiered this week with two episodes. Brent Bailey is pitch perfect as Jimmy Bales, a 25 year old man whose voice naturally synthesizes after getting electrocuted by his car radio. With sharp guest appearances from actors like Sean Hemeon (HUSBANDS), Marissa Jaret Winokur ("Hairspray"), Marie Wilson (AS THE WORLD TURNS) and Barrett Foa (NCIS), this show has the star power. But does it make you laugh? The answer is a resounding, "Yes," especially the beach phone call scene in the Episode #2.  In fact, not a flat note from the Nate Golon series so far.  Check out the second episode below:

From the creators of THE OUTS comes WHATEVER THIS IS.  How long do you have to hate what you do before you get to do what you love?  Check out the show's Kickstarter page which has already raised more than $40K.

Several new teasers or trailers were released this week. I love this trend toward producing short coming attraction teasers that are somewhere between movie previews and creation of interest campaigns. I think it's a sign of the overall maturation of the genre; just having a successful trailer tells me the showrunner has a long-term marketing plan and is invested in cultivating an audience in addition to making a show.

First off, a preview of the second season of HEADSHOTS, a comedy that follows the misadventures of Todd (Todd McCullough) and Mike (Mike Baron), two struggling L.A. actors trying their semi-hardest to achieve stardom.

Next up is the trailer for Joseph Dennis' comedy web series HAPPENINGS.  The show "looks at the sprawling conversations of young adults with delusions of importance, intelligence and originality."

BROTHERS WITH NO GAME posted another trailer for the its upcoming second season.

Also released this week was a new teaser for Season 2 of BROKEN AT LOVE, giving viewers a first peak at guest stars Sharon Farrell (THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS) and Marcia Rodd (Tony Award-nominated for "Shelter").

If this is your first time in the Indie space, all the more reason to introduce yourself with a snappy preview of your coming attraction.

There's still time to purchase tickets for the "Hot as Hell" Web Series Fan Fest in Palm Springs in just over three weeks. Click here for more info.

THE WALKING TEDD has been successfully funded. Congrats!

Coming soon: the premiere of THE STAFFORD PROJECT starring Michelle Stafford, who is leaving the role of Phyllis on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS after many years. Not much info about the show has been released, but we know it's a satire.  Here's hoping it's in the vein of the brilliant CYNTHIA WATROS GETS LOST. Stay tuned.

In case you missed it, DALLAS star Steve Kanaly will be making a guest appearance on the upcoming fourth season of DEVANITY.  The show already features Kanaly's former DALLAS co-star Charlene Tilton.  Love this casting!

ONE LIFE TO LIVE stars Ilene Kristen, James DePaiva and Tonja Walker have joined TAINTED DREAMS, a series from NYC Brand Productions that begins shooting its first season on July 29.

So far Sarah Brown, Ricky Paull Goldin, Crystal Chappell and Louise Sorel have all joined the cast of the upcoming BEACON HILL.

Indie series producer and star Jillian Clare (MISS BEHAVE, CLUTCH) turns 21 today. Happy Birthday!

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  1. Here's one more for the Kickstarter list - Victoria Rowell just launched her campaign for "The Rich & the Ruthless" ... Hmmmm, where'd she come up with a title like that? ... lol!