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Today in Soap Opera History (July 15)

On this date in...

1925: Actor Philip Carey was born. The actor played Asa Buchanan in ONE LIFE TO LIVE for many years. Among his many credits was a memorable first season appearance as Archie's gay friend in ALL IN THE FAMILY, an episode that also featured Anthony Geary. Carey died on February 6, 2009.

1949: The final episode of John Haggart's A WOMAN TO REMEMBER aired on the DuMont Television Network.

1966: On DARK SHADOWS, the Collins family learned Roger had been in an accident.

1968: ONE LIFE TO LIVE premiered on ABC. The original planned title for the Agnes Nixon soap opera was BETWEEN HEAVEN AND HELL. This was still the plan as of late April, and Don Wallace was expected to be the executive producer. The show aired on ABC until January 13, 2012. It premiered online via The OnLine Network on April 29, 2013. Today the show debuts on Oprah Winfrey's OWN network.  Check out a montage of the show's opening sequences below.

1975: On ANOTHER WORLD, Mac (Douglass Watson) visited Rachel (Victoria Wyndham) at Ada's (Constance Ford) house and implored her to come home, and to forgive him for doubting her fidelity after falling prey to the manipulations of his daughter Iris (Beverlee McKinsey). Later, a distraught Iris begged Mac not to sever their relationship, and Ada and Gil tried to convince Rachel to stay in Bay City.

1977: Soap opera spoof ALL THAT GLITTERS, from Norman Lear, aired for the final time after 65 episodes. Eileen Brennan, Greg Evigan, Lois Nettleton, Gary Sandy, Tim Thomerson, Linda Gray, Louise Shaffer and Jessica Walter were among the stars.

1983: On ALL MY CHILDREN, Phoebe (Ruth Warrick) fretted over her "dreadful brawl" with Opal (Dorothy Lyman), and Opal took to the streets to make her case.

1992: Celeste Holm taped her last episode as Isabelle after being dismissed from LOVING.  She passed away exactly 20 years later on July 15, 2012, at age 95.

1996: On ANOTHER WORLD, Gabe (John Bolger) ordered a forensics report on Yvette's body and learned the person who killed Yvette is the same one who committed the other murders.  The same killer would murder Frankie Frame on August 19.

2002: On PASSIONS, Beth accepted Luis' (Galen Gering) marriage proposal.

2005: Actress Lisa Lindgren died at age 45. She played Kathy Summers in GENERAL HOSPITAL in the early 1980s.

Celebrating a birthday today:
Ken Kercheval (Cliff, DALLAS; ex-Nick, SEARCH FOR TOMORROW; ex-Archie, THE SECRET STORM) - 78
Judson Earney Scott (ex-Sacha, THE COLBYS; ex-Clay, ONE LIFE TO LIVE; ex-Peter, GENERAL HOSPITAL) - 61
Terry O'Quinn (ex-John, LOST; ex-Jerry, THE DOCTORS) - 61
Anne Rose Brooks (ex-Stephanie, THE DOCTORS; ex-Diana, ANOTHER WORLD) - 50
Shari Headley (ex-Mimi, ALL MY CHILDREN; ex-Heather, THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL; ex-Felicia, GUIDING LIGHT) - 49
Leonard Stabb (ex-Hart, GUIDING LIGHT; ex-Hunter, ONE LIFE TO LIVE) - 49
Kristoff St. John (Neil, THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS; ex-Adam, GENERATIONS) - 47
Stan Kirsch (ex-Carl, GENERAL HOSPITAL) - 45
Scott Foley (Patrick, TRUE BLOOD; ex-Henry, GREY'S ANATOMY) - 41
Brian Austin Green (ex-David, BEVERLY HILLS, 90210; ex-Brian, KNOTS LANDING) - 40
Lana Parrilla (Regina, ONCE UPON A TIME; ex-Trina, SWINGTOWN) - 36
Laura Benanti (ex-Carol-Lynne, THE PLAYBOY CLUB) - 34
Mishael Morgan (Hillary, THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS)
Tristan Wilds (ex-Dixon, 90210; ex-Michael, THE WIRE) - 24

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