Saturday, July 13, 2013

NEWS: Katherine Chancellor Memorial, Monica Potter, Ian Ziering, Michael B. Jordan, Lindsay Lohan, Tinder App, Elisabeth Moss

Katherine Chancellor memorial will air on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS in September
Actor Daniel Goddard posted the news on his Facebook page: "On Tuesday we begin filming ‪#‎KatherineChancellor‬ 's memorial episodes. They will air Sept 3rd & 4th! Please share this with all ur friends. ‪#‎Respect‬"

Jeanne Cooper, who played Kay since 1973, passed away on May 8.

Sharknado's Ian Ziering: 'Maybe This Is My Pulp Fiction Moment'
"After reading the script, I didn't think it would see the light of day! But, you know, I don't normally do things for glory; I do things for accomplishment. And I always wanted to do action-adventure, and science fiction genres were always something that were of great interest to me. And when I read the script and saw that I got to rappel off bridges, chainsaw my way out of the belly out of a shark, you know, this was a chance for me to relive some of those Die Hard moments that I remember being so envious of when I was younger. "

USA’s SUITS Gets Down and Flirty with Tinder App
USA Network is the first TV network to hook up with social startup Tinder, whose app lets users anonymously connect to members of the opposite sex with mutual interests, in a youth-targeted promo for season 3 premiere of scripted drama SUITS.

Tinder, whose lead investor is IAC, launched the app in September 2012 and claims users have made more than 100 million matches to date. The app — part game, part casual-dating service — shows a series of photos, first names and ages of other Tinder users nearby. You then either “heart” or ixnay them, and if two users “like” each other they’re then able to chat.

Fruitvale Station’s Michael B. Jordan on Tears, Impending Stardom, and Being the Object of Spider-Man's Unrequited Affections
Jordan also comments on his favorite FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS scene: "Probably the episode where my dad came back. The first football game where he saw me play. Coming home after the game, he's packing up his stuff — that scene, the subtleties of that was kind of on the fly, and it turned out to be something nice. It made me feel good, the choices that we made, on the fly. It mattered. Somebody noticed it."

First Look: Monica Potter's New PARENTHOOD Do!
The sleek, short bob will serve as Kristina Braverman's post-chemo starting point on the upcoming fifth season of NBC's PARENTHOOD.

Of her character's impending year, Potter tells ETonline, "I don't think season five will be as heavy, particularly for Kristina. It will have a refreshing tone. All of the stuff we went through as a family affected everyone's storyline, so I hope we're not done dealing with that yet ... but she won't sweat the small stuff as much."

Virginia Madsen Joins Lifetime's WITCHES OF EAST END For Multi-Episode Arc
Madsen will play Penelope Gardiner, the mother of Freya’s fiance Dash (Eric Winter).

We know Lindsay Lohan will be good for OWN - but will OWN be good for Lindsay?
With a parsimony of details that undersell the enormity of this score, OWN will only say that the network "will air an exclusive interview with Oprah and Lindsay Lohan that will tape and air in August and an eight-part documentary series with Lindsay for 2014."

Under any circumstances, Lohan is audience catnip; an eight-part documentary is theoretically catnip times eight. Of course, the various questions : How much is OWN paying for this, and was there some sorf of quid pro quo attached (did the Lohan camp want both interview and series, or did OWN demand an interview as part of the interview package?)

The answers are - if not important at least interesting because Lohan's post-rehab image rehab will now officially go through OWN.

GLEE's Jane Lynch Files for Divorce from Lara Embry
They separated on Feb. 2, 2013, with Lynch filing for divorce on Friday in Los Angeles Superior Court, citing irreconcilable differences and seeking to terminate the court's jurisdiction to award spousal support to Embry.

THE NEWSROOM season premiere review: Give it another shot
"Edgier, more sharply drawn, while that Sorkian chatter remains at a very high boil. Unfortunately, the second episode muddies this positive first impression, but there's a whole season ahead. Give this excellent and improved show another chance."

THE NEWSROOM vs HONEY BOO BOO: Which one really gives us more to think about?
HERE COMES HONEY BOO BOO producers have a keen eye for the very details and class indicators that smart observers love to deconstruct. The camera is continually glancing at anything it considers a cultural cue — passing trains, litter, rust, copulating animals, a chicken perched on a pile of laundry, a shack selling “peches.” The show lives for opportunities to follow June and her brood deeper into redneck-land (a go-kart track, a pro-am wrestling match), but finds its best material in the warm, sectional-sofa center of home.

Meanwhile, back on THE NEWSROOM it will soon enough be the summer of 2012 in Will McAvoy’s world, and he may very well find a way to derisively drop a Honey Boo Boo reference into one of his monologues, perhaps while mansplaining journalistic and documentary ethics to that hot gossip columnist (played by Hope Davis) he can’t stay away from.

Elisabeth Moss on Top Of The Lake, Gone Girl and Peggy’s transformation on MAD MEN
"I think it's awesome in a way that she is somebody that women look up to, but I don't picture it that women look up to her - I think we see ourselves in her. No matter what age you are, I think as a woman you understand the idea of struggling with the decisions that you make. How to have it all, whether or not to be a mom, whether or not to just be at work, what it means to have a boyfriend and do youlike that boyfriend - all those questions I think we deal with. What I like about Peggy is I don't think she's this beautiful, shining perfect example of a woman should be. What I like about her and I think women like about her is that she's completely flawed. She's insecure sometimes, she makes the wrong choices and says the wrong thing - but she's trying. That's why we see ourselves in her, you know?"


  1. In reguards to ms jeanne cooper Sept 3rd is my 40th birthday...just 6 months after Y & R s debut. It will be a somber day for me. I really do miss her, but I know its not even a fraction of how much her family and co stars miss her.

  2. The memorial will be hard to watch. I hope many former characters return.

  3. I would like to see the clan fight light dogs over everything she owns.Katherine Chancellor i beleive would wanted to see a big cat fight.She was one to never back down from a fight.i do hope to see the Chancellor manison remain on the show.