Saturday, June 22, 2013

Thom Racina Visits @NELSON'S

This week's episode of @NELSON'S finds Nelson Aspen interviewing author and soap opera writer Thom Racina.  Racina famously invented the Ice Princess story on GENERAL HOSPITAL and also wrote for DAYS OF OUR LIVES, ANOTHER WORLD, GENERATIONS, SEARCH FOR TOMORROW and THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS. He mostly recently served as head writer for the new ONE LIFE TO LIVE (the interview was shot just prior to him leaving OLTL).

Watch the fascinating interview below which includes stories about Elizabeth Taylor, Brad Pitt and much more.


  1. As you will see in this interview, Thom is (and always has been!) hilarious! I hope his next gig is on a sitcom.

  2. Love watching you two interact! Great interview Nelson!

  3. I love hearing Thom's stories. I can't believe so many people at Another World didn't want to hire Brad Pitt.

  4. I really like this program! The story about Brad Pitt, well Procter & Gamble Prod. were not known for making/approving the best decisions.
    Speaking of which, I'd love to see some guests from shows like ATWT and GL.
    Someone like a Courtney Simon, whom I just recently discovered through this blog that she was a writer, in addition to portraying Dr. Michaels.
    Boy, that exterior sequence in your opening reminds me of how much I miss NYC!
    I'm looking for the next opportunity that will reunite me with one of my favorite cities! If anyone is looking for a gun for hire...I mean writer...

    I hope this will be a regular series. It reminds me of a cross between Talk Stoop and the Bobby Rivers Show (I was a kid then but yes, I do remember Bobby Rivers, weren't the '80s grand!).

    I'm curious about Thom Racina's website, I think I may venture over there for a look-see.

    That story about Elizabeth Taylor, though...I wonder if Daytime Drama will ever be that glamorous again?!