Monday, June 17, 2013

REVIEW: Run To See "My Big Gay Italian Funeral"

Run, don't walk to see the fabulous new play "My Big Gay Italian Funeral," a funny heartwarming story of a dysfunctional family dealing with death and the drama that comes along with it. Creator, producer, and actor Anthony J. Wilkinson's writing rings true and his characters are brought vividly to life in expert performances.

As if stepping up as the head if the family wasn't stressful enough for Anthony Pinnunziato, superbly played by Wilkinson himself, he has to deal with the return of a brother he hasn't had a relationship with for over 15 years. While "My Big Gay Italian Funeral" progress it becomes apparent that through all the hilarious banter, what lays at the heart of this story is love.

Each cast member is a standout but special notice must go to the hilarious Beth Dzuricky as scene-stealer Ondine; the electrifying without-a-doubt future star Meagan Robar, who portrays not one, not two, but three dynamic characters; and the stirring Brian Patrick Murphy as the recently returned Peter Pinnunziato.

Much like its sister play ("My Big Gay Italian Wedding"), "My Big Gay Italian Funeral" is both funny and timeless. If you have not seen the Wedding don't fret, the writing and dialogue flows so well, that you do not feel lost. Although for the fans of the Wedding, you will be happy to know Brandon Goins does make an appearance in the funeral.

"My Big Gay Italian Funeral" is being presented by Bianco Productions and is directed by two-time Emmy award winner Sonia Blangiardo, currently the Supervising Producer at ALL MY CHILDREN.

It is truly fitting that "My Big Gay Italian Funeral" opened on Father's Day as the perfect tribute to creator Wilkson's own late father. From top to bottom, beginning to end, "My Big Gay Italian Funeral" will make you laugh, cry and laugh again. Miss it at your own peril!

"My Big Gay Italian Wedding" and "My Big Gay Italian Funeral" are both on sale and scheduled to run till the end of August. Performances of both shows will be at St. Luke's Theatre (308 West 46th Street, between 8th and 9th Avenues). Tickets are available through or by phone at (212) 239-6200.

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