Friday, June 7, 2013

Today in Soap Opera History (June 7)

On this date in...

1944: CBS Radio aired a full lineup of soaps, listed with sponsors and a synopsis below:

9:45 a.m. THIS LIFE IS MINECommercials suspended. Eden is concerned that Bob's ex-wife Lois is still very much a part of his life.
10:30 a.m. THE OPEN DOORRoyal Puddings and Gelatins. John threatens to sell the family feed and grain store.
10:45 a.m. BACHELOR'S CHILDRENWonder Bread and Hostess Cakes. To everyone's surprise, a real Joan Gray turns up in town.
11:15 a.m. SECOND HUSBANDDr. Lyons Tooth Powder. Mildred is ineffective in trying to persuade Elsa to send Fran back home.
11:30 a.m. BRIGHT HORIZON. Swan Soap. An inscription on a bronze vase may cause Michael West to drop out of the race for governor.
11:45 a.m. AUNT JENNY'S REAL LIFE STORIES. Spry All-Vegetable Shortening. White ruffled curtains bring hope to Jim and Claire's relationship.
12:15 p.m. BIG SISTER. Rinso. Frank takes Steve to a semi-conscious Ricky.
12:30 p.m. THE ROMANCE OF HELEN TRENT. Bisodol. Gil ponders his decision while Helen worries.
12:45 p.m. OUR GAL SUNDAY. Anacin. Lord Henry and Sunday discuss the whereabouts of villainous Ambrose Fairbrook, III.
1:00 p.m. LIFE CAN BE BEAUTIFUL. Ivory Soap (commercials omitted). Chichi will marry Stephen and accompany him on his trip to South America.
1:15 p.m. MA PERKINS. Oxydol. The Pendletons both want to see Jeffrey Powell, but for vastly different reasons.
2:00 p.m. PORTIA FACES LIFE. Grape Nuts Flakes and Grape Nuts Wheat Meal. Portia and Colonel Wakefield try to thwart the evil Nazi, Herr Doktor.
2:15 p.m. JOYCE JORDAN, M.D. Postum. A kiss between Vic Manion and Carol Brewster.
3:00 p.m. THE STORY OF MARY MARLIN. Tenderleaf Tea. Wealthy constituent Reed Morton chooses a clever way of introducing himself to Mary.
1972: On ANOTHER WORLD, Rachel (Robin Strasser) became furious at Ted (Stephen Bolster) for criticizing her father.

1978: At the 5th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards, DAYS OF OUR LIVES won as Outstanding Drama Series. The acting winners were James Pritchett from THE DOCTORS and ANOTHER WORLD's Laurie Heineman (in what was considered a major upset over her co-stars Victoria Wyndham and Beverlee McKinsey).

1982: Terri Garber debuted as Allison Linden on TEXAS.

1984: On RYAN'S HOPE, Dave (Scott Holmes) and Maggie's (Cali Timmins) wedding began.

1990: On ANOTHER WORLD, Jake (Tom Eplin) was determined to prove that Vicky (Anne Heche) was an unfit mother.

1994: On THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS, Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) insisted marrying Hope was wrong for Victor (Eric Braeden).

1999: Christopher Goutman took over as executive producer of AS THE WORLD TURNS.

2002: Actor James Luisi died at age 73.  His soap roles included Duke Johnson on DAYS OF OUR LIVES, Ben Clark on SANTA BARBARA and Philip Wainwright on ANOTHER WORLD.

2002: On GENERAL HOSPITAL, Carly (Tamara Braun) thanked Jason (Steve Burton) for not telling Sonny the truth.

2010: On ONE LIFE TO LIVE, Bo (Robert S. Woods) and Nora (Hillary B. Smith) get married, after Clint (Jerry verDorn) put away his gun.

2007: On PASSIONS, Tabitha (Juliet Mills) agreed to help Kay (Heidi Mueller) learn about witchcraft as long as she used it wisely.

Celebrating a birthday today are:
George Guidall (ex-Baron von Halkein, GUIDING LIGHT; ex-Robert, ANOTHER WORLD) - 75
Christopher Pennock (ex-Justin, GUIDING LIGHT; ex-Steven, THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS; ex-Joe, DAYS OF OUR LIVES; ex-Gabriel, DARK SHADOWS; ex-Mitch, GENERAL HOSPITAL) - 69
A.C. Weary (ex-Gary, THE EDGE OF NIGHT; ex-Theo, ONE LIFE TO LIVE; ex-Paramedic, RYAN'S HOPE) - 62
William Forsythe (ex-Manny, BOARDWALK EMPIRE) - 58
Dean Sullivan (ex-Jimmy, BROOKSIDE) - 58
Chris Marcantel (ex-Curtis, LOVING; ex-Pete, ANOTHER WORLD; ex-Tim, GUIDING LIGHT) - 55
Kathryn Meisle (ex-Juliet, LOVING; ex-Cindy, ONE LIFE TO LIVE) - 53
Mark Steines (ex-Escort, THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS)  - 49
Kim Rhodes (ex-Cindy, ANOTHER WORLD; ex-Cindy, AS THE WORLD TURNS) - 44
Austin Miller (ex-Hawk, DAYS OF OUR LIVES) - 37
Adrienne Frantz (Amber, THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL; ex-Amber, THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS; ex-Amber, L.A. DIARIES; ex-Tiffany, SUNSET BEACH) - 35
Daryn Strauss (Beth, DOWNSIZED)

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