Thursday, June 20, 2013

HE'S WITH ME, Directed by Indie Soap Award Winner Sebastian La Cause, Coming June 24th (Video)

Monday Morning Productions in association with Actorman Entertainment presents the new, original comedy series HE'S WITH ME debuting June 24th at 3 p.m. ET on YouTube. The series is the latest from director Sebastian La Cause, three-time Indie Soap Award winner from HUSTLING. Created by and starring Jason Cicci, HE'S WITH ME "observes the stumbling blocks inherent in navigating the waters of modern manhood."

Straight ad-man Ted Adams (Bradford How) has just moved to the big city and needs a few friends. His childhood pal Eddie (John Cramer) has recently gotten married to Valerie (Darcie Siciliano), whose best friend, gay theatre critic Martin Adams (Jason Cicci), is also lonely. When Ted and Martin meet at the wedding and seem to get along, Val and Eddie hatch a plan to get the two guys to be friends. However, once the bromance is on, questions arise about what makes a man a man. HE'S WITH ME also features Ryan Duncan (Broadway’s Shrek and Altar Boyz) as full-service friend/annoyance Benny Costa.

“I wrote the pilot episode many years ago just for fun, really,” says creator Jason Cicci.

“The idea was inspired by many gay/straight friendships I’d had or experienced firsthand and how sometimes, the situations those relationships revealed seemed pretty amusing. They also seemed threatening to some people, as everyone’s comfort level is different. The show has really become more about how men feel about their lives, to what degree they share those feelings and how they cope with their fears. As a writer, how modern men deal with their love lives, women, marriage, children, their jobs, their egos and each other have become a source of interest and, I hope, humor.”

Jason Cicci, Ryan Duncan, Darcie Siciliano, Sebastian La Cause and John
Cramer at the HE'S WITH ME premiere party.
Monday Morning Productions’ past television credits include the 59th Annual Theatre World Awards at Studio 54, which aired on PBS. Past theatre productions have included Hate Mail featuring Cicci and Danielle Ferland, the world premieres of Closet Chronicles with Emmy-winner Marilyn Sokol, 7 Reece Mews and Cicci’s him & her and A Month of Sundays.

Actorman Entertainment is known for producing the multi-award winning series HUSTLING, winner of three Indie Soap Awards (Best Actor for Sebastian La Cause in 2012 and 2013, and Best Ensemble in 2013). Check out the Season 3 HUSTLING Kickstarter campaign here.

Watch a HE'S WITH ME teaser video below:

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