ALL MY CHILDREN & ONE LIFE TO LIVE: Traditional TV Storytelling Distributed In 'A Superior Way'

A new syndicated story by the Associated Press on the April 29 returns of ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE features a number of interesting quotes. Here are some excerpts:

ALL MY CHILDREN Executive Producer Ginger Smith: "We want to keep the core. I still want escapism and romance, but we’re going to have stories that are sometimes a little darker and edgier than we did on ABC."

ONE LIFE TO LIVE Executive Producer Jennifer Pepperman: "Being online is going to draw people in. You can click on it and watch it any time you like. This is a second chance. It is a wonderful gift."

Prospect Park's Rich Frank: "These are not webisodes. We are shooting television as everyone knows it. This is traditional TV storytelling distributed a different way — and it’s a superior way."

Prospect Park's Jeff Kwatinetz: "These two shows come with 40 years of advertiser relationships and a die-hard fan base. My experience in the entertainment business tells me that what people want more than anything is convenience. Now television, by going online, is so much more convenient."

ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE premiere Monday, April 29 on Hulu, HuluPlus and iTunes in the Unites, and FX Canada in Canada.

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