Sunday, April 28, 2013

ONE LIFE TO LIVE Day-By-Day Preview For First Three Weeks [SPOILER ALERT]

Some of the ONE LIFE TO LIVE Cast: (L-R) - Jerry verDorn, Kassie DePaiva, Melissa Archer, Robert S.
Woods, Andrew Trischitta, Laura Harrier, Tuc Watkins, Erika Slezak, Josh Kelly, Florencia Lozano,
Kelley Missal, Robert Gorrie; Photo Credit: Chapman Baehler

ONE LIFE TO LIVE premieres on April 29 with all new episodes on Hulu, Hulu Plus and iTunes on Monday, April 29th.

Check out day-by-day spoilers for the first week of episodes below:

Monday, 4/29: ONE LIFE TO LIVE is back! Find out what fan favorites Viki, Dorian, Todd, Blair, Tea, Bo, Nora, and all the OLTL residents have been up to since we last took a visit to Llanview. What surprises are in store in the blockbuster first episode?

Tuesday, 4/30: How will the Llanview residents cope after the surprising turn of events at Shelter’s premiere? Viki and Dorian’s historic feud begins a new chapter. Two longstanding characters are shell shocked yet again by something surprising.

Wednesday, 5/1: Todd tries to understand Dani, who he hasn’t seen in a year. Dorian takes action to protect herself. Nora tries to convince Matthew to take responsibility for his actions.

Thursday, 5/2: Who pulls a fast one on Dorian? Tea explains exactly what happened with her baby. Todd tries to make amends.

Friday, 5/3: ONE LIFE TO LIVE's first ever behind-the-scenes show, interact with your favorite OLTL stars as they discuss this week’s hot topics and take a closer look at the big events in Llanview from the past four days.

Monday, 5/6: Tea tries to keep things together. Two popular characters grapple over their respective family issues. Todd tries to get through to Blair. Clint has a serious talk with his family.

Tuesday, 5/7: Matthew tries to protect Dani. Bo and Nora have a little fun with their empty nest. Todd encounters danger in his own room. A shady art dealer comes to Shelter to confront Cutter. Guest starring NERVO and RiFF RAFF.

Wednesday, 5/8: Todd decides to do something unexpected. Dorian considers revenge. Clint lectures Matthew. Viki goes over her options.

Thursday, 5/9: Dorian sets her plan in motion. Bo tries to convince Nora to return to her roots. Todd tries to buy love. Viki makes a bold move. Does someone in Llanview die?

Friday, 5/10: On MORE ONE LIFE TO LIVE, the behind-the-scenes show, interact with your favorite OLTL stars as they discuss this week’s hot topics and take a closer look at the big events in Llanview from the past four days.

Monday, 5/13: Todd tries to convince Viki that he’s changed. Destiny confronts Matthew. A character must say their goodbyes.

Tuesday, 5/14: A fight breaks out with serious consequences. Jeffrey, Matthew, and Dani play a dangerous game at the apartment. Cutter auditions a new singer at Shelter. Guest starring Jenni “JWoww” Farley and Jessie Malakouti.

Wednesday, 5/15: Bo and Natalie search for clues to find out the truth. Jeffrey steps in to help Destiny. Matthew is found in a compromising situation. Todd tries to get everyone to believe him.

Thursday, 5/16: Tea comes to a startling realization. Clint talks to Viki about taking the next step. Dani is troubled by Matthew’s new friend. Nora bonds with Destiny.

Friday, 5/17: Friday recap show.

Brand new, 30-minute episodes of ONE LIFE TO LIVE will be available to stream online weekdays in HD (when available) via the free Hulu ( service and to the millions of Hulu Plus subscribers watching on connected TVs, mobile phones, tables and PCs. In addition, the iTunes Store will offer both series via iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple TV and Mac and PC, making these venerable dramas available in a new format that suits the viewing habits of the digital generation.

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  1. Now there's OLTL stuff YAY!

  2. I can't wait to see Cutter , Corbin Bleu !!

  3. Excited about Shelter.

  4. Can't wait for Tea to return

  5. Can't wait for Tea to return

  6. I am happy about One LIfe to Live coming back on but I would be happier if it returned to TV itself like before; will it be viewable at a certain time or can you view that episode all day?

    1. All day! 4 days a week! If you have HuluPlus, you can watch up to the last 10 past, new episodes. In other words, late May, you can watch from April 29th's first episode!

  7. I hate that it will only be 30 mins long. Wish it would be an hour.

  8. Ok when OLTL went off, Matthew was there with Destiny when she was having the baby, he named the baby after his deceased brother, so now he is not taking responsibility for the baby. Or is she talking about when he shot Roberts, father. What are they referring to. I hope it isn't Matthew, not taking responsibility as a father. So far, I'm not impressed with the story line and who will play Todd since Howarth is going back to GH, will it be St. John, who I love, but I hope they tell them to kiss off, since they brought back Roger Howarth and now he signed with GH, it will great payback for what they did to St. John. PP messed up and now they have lost the original Starr, John McBain and Matthew.I;m not sure OLTL can survive.

  9. All fans need to watch no matter what. We need to let ABC know what a huge mistake they made by taking the Soaps off. I'll watch no matter who is on.

  10. I agree with Annie M..
    I'll watch just because! I want to see OLTL back on TV and for more than 30 minutes! I can't wait to see how this works out, and how long it wil take for ABC to right their wrong!

  11. its like being a kid again and waiting for you birthday to come............takes forever it seems.

  12. I heard Matthew is a deadbeat Dad and heard rumors Destiny turns to No wonder they recast her with a former model. Couldn't see the old character getting sugard Daddy's lol she be running around screaming Stranger Danger.

  13. I watched all 4 new episodes and loved them! I just wish the comeback was 5 days a week at an hour long.I feel cheated on such a wonderful show..but I will definitely take what you have to offer for now PP