Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Happy 57th Anniversary, AS THE WORLD TURNS! (Rare Classic Scenes)

AS THE WORLD TURNS premiered 57 years ago today on April 2, 1956. To celebrate the occasion, We Love Soaps presents four rare classic scenes featuring some of the most beloved characters in the show's history. Check them out below:

Lisa and The Painting (Eileen Fulton)

The Death of Dan Stewart (Helen Wagner, Don MacLaughlin and Don Hastings)

Don remembers Joyce (Conard Fowkes and Barbara Rodell)

Annie hears Barbara's phone call (Colleen Zenk, Julie Ridley and Mary McDonnell)

Don Hastings played Dr. Bob Hughes for 54 years on ATWT, but was an original cast member of THE EDGE OF NIGHT, which also premiered 57 years ago today.


  1. What a wonderful treat these clips are - thank you!!

  2. Great clips! Is the one of Lisa and the painting from when she was living at The Willows?

    Colleen always did great work!

  3. As a committed dramatist myself, of all the soaps I saw growing up (admittedly most were on CBS), ATWT was the closest soap to an actual theater performance, in its heyday, that is.

    Granted, I was either too young or not born when these episodes first aired but watching them, I became immediately drawn into the stories and wanted to see more! This was why As The World Turns was my favorite soap! Some people use the term 'kitchen sink drama' as a derisive term but since some of America's greatest playwrights (Eugene O' Neill, Arthur Miller, August Wilson) and even internationally (Ibsen, Strindberg) employed this type of storytelling, I use the term affectionately--ATWT was truly kitchen sink drama for TV. That type of understated drama is severely lacking in today's soaps (although I know why today's soaps feel the need to use more high jinks and high action drama) and I miss that quietly intense drama that ATWT was known for at some of the heights of its popularity.

    I feel a bit sad that some of these stories, I'll never see in their totality. I hope that what there is in the catalog (that hasn't been 'wiped' away), will be somehow be made available again someday through some entity. As the musician/singer Seal would say "...miracles will happen as we dream...".

  4. These Are Great ATWT Clips, Roger--Thanks!

    Brian :-)

    P.S.: Please Bring Back Soap Classics ASAP!