Tuesday, March 19, 2013

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS Classic Photo Of The Day (Greg & Nikki)

In honor of the upcoming 40th anniversary of THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS (YR40), We Love Soaps will be posting a "Classic Photo of the Day" for the rest of the month. Today's photo is from the wedding of Nikki Reed (Melody Thomas) and Greg Foster (Wings Hauser), as Greg's brother, Snapper (David Hasselhoff), looks on. Can you name all of Nikki's husbands over the years?

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  1. A little triva - Greg's sister-in-law, Chris, loaned Nikki the wedding dress she's wearing here. It's the one Chris wore when she married Snapper five years earlier in 1974.

    You can see the dress in this classic clip: