Sunday, March 10, 2013

SOAPnet To Air 50-Hour GENERAL HOSPITAL Marathon

SOAPnet has announced it will air a 50-hour GENERAL HOSPITAL marathon event starting March 29, leading up to the special 50th Anniversary episode of the soap on April 1.

SOAPnet revealed today one of the episodes will be where Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) found Carly (Tamara Braun) in the panic room (July 2003).

We are hoping SOAPnet shows some classics that have not been seen since they first aired and not used in previous marathons. Which episodes would you like to see in the marathon?

Watch a SOAPnet promo for GH50 below:


  1. Dare we hope for episodes Soapnet hasn't aired before?

  2. Please something before 1996!

  3. Hope its lots of late 70s and 80s stuff, while the post 2000 stuff is kept to a minimum.

    Will have to free up lots of space on my DVR between now and March 29.

    Also hope they release an advance list of the exact episodes that will be running along with the airtimes.