Friday, March 8, 2013

NEWS ROUNDUP: Beth Maitland Visits Y&R, John McCook Crossover, DALLAS Memes

Beth Maitland's next appearance in THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS will air in late April
The Emmy-winning fan favorite posted the news on her Facebook page.

B&B's John McCook on visiting Y&R and why no one in Genoa City recognizes him as Lance Prentiss
"That was so long ago. [Laughs] Memories don't go back that far. Eileen Davidson [Ashley] was at the wedding, too. The whole schedule had been thrown off because Mel was sick. We wound up shooting the wedding in one day instead of two, which meant Eileen came at the end of a work day at DAYS OF OUR LIVES. She showed up really breathless and then pretty much sat there and wasn't given much to do. But we're all basically extras at these things. Soap weddings are all about the pageantry and the exchanging of the vows. I didn't see Peter Bergman there at all. I guess Jack wasn't invited."

On Eric Forrester's relationship with Taylor: "I was trying to keep a little dignity. I didn't want Eric jumping into bed with just any available set of boobs, but he's a horndog and he's been alone for 12 weeks. That's eons in soap time! Hey, he wasn't getting any from Stephanie. He's probably gone five years without sex. Her death freed him up to sniff around the neighborhood."

Heather Tom's son will play her son on B&B, too
THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL star Heather Tom (Katie) announced that her 4-month-old son, Zane Achor, will now be playing her TV son, Will, starting Wednesday, April 17! "He just had his first shot - my son smiled on cue!" she tweeted, adding that co-star Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy) got to hold the tot. "He's a flirt just like his TV dad!"

Why NBC shouldn't yank SMASH yet
Though the knee-jerk reaction by most network execs is that there’s always something better out there to program, replacing a low-rated show with a new one doesn’t always work.

At least SMASH won’t have to tread water for long: Beginning March 25, THE VOICE will return to help buoy the network on Mondays and Tuesdays. That development, alone, may prompt NBC to hold its breath a little longer on SMASH, which is a passion project for network topper Robert Greenblatt.

In the meantime, NBC’s been trying hard to say something positive about the musical series, like how its the most upscale drama on the broadcast nets this season because its watched by homes with $100K-plus incomes.

Amber Benson Now Writes Supernatural Novels
Years ago, Amber Benson was battling supernatural forces on television. The actor/author played Tara Maclay on BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER. These days, Benson is busy creating her own supernatural characters. She spent the past five years delving deep into the life of Calliope Reaper-Jones, aka Death's Daughter, in a series of novels published by Penguin. The final book in the series, "The Golden Age of Death," is out now.

DALLAS Memes Salute J.R. Ewing
In tribute to the late Larry Hagman, and in celebration of Monday's hotly anticipated memorial episode to his legendary character, J.R. Ewing, TNT's DALLAS is issuing a series of J.R.-themed Internet memes. The memes, which are intended to be posted and shared on social media sites, feature J.R.-isms garnered from the current Dallas continuation as well as the classic CBS original. All five can be accessed on TheWB's Facebook page.

Sarah Chalke Opens Up About Bringing Her Own Crisis to GREY'S ANATOMY: 'There Were Tears'
Two years ago, Chalke and her fiancĂ© Jamie Afifi endured a parent’s worst nightmare when their son Charlie, then barely 12 months old, came down with Kawasaki Disease, a difficult-to-diagnose ailment that inflames blood vessels throughout a child’s body and regularly confounds caregivers. “You present with all these symptoms, you get a lot of repeated misdiagnoses, you keep getting sent home [by doctors]…,” the actress shares with TVLine. “We had a really hard time getting him diagnosed.”

Adding to the real-life drama: The rub with Kawasaki Disease (or KD) is that there is a narrow, approximately 10-day window to get treatment, via a 12-hour intravenous treatment called immunoglobulin (or IVIG). Miss that window and about 1 in 4 patients, who are usually age 5 and younger, develop heart disease involving the coronary arteries.

Creators Mike Fly, Simon Fraser, and Stephanie Kaliner bring Sexy Nerd Girl to life in VERSUS VALERIE
Sexy Nerd Girl, the successful YouTube Vlog debuts this week in a new form, the scripted 12-part VERSUS VALERIE. VERSUS VALERIE unfolds in real-time with episodes premiering every 2 weeks.

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