Sunday, March 10, 2013

Julia Barr: New ALL MY CHILDREN Has A 'Great Opening Script'

TVLine caught up with ALL MY CHILDREN star Julia Barr during its first week back in producer and she shared her excitement about the revival of the beloved soap.


"I’m not at liberty to discuss what happened but it’s actually a great opening script that lets you know a certain amount of things that happened and who they happened to," Barr said. "It’s really good. It’s approximately five years in the future as far as [the show] wanting to age some of the kids."

"Ginger Smith, who’s our executive producer… has pulled together a fantastic group of people," Barr continued. "There’ll be some surprises. I was even surprised yesterday to hear about somebody that I’ll be working with on Thursday. She’s pulled together this group of not only directors we all know but camera people, production people… It’s really great. To step into something that is familiar and yet completely unfamiliar in a way, it’s great to have this going forward as a group… Adam and Brooke are engaged and still very much in love, so we’ll see what happens. And there’s a lot of intrigue about what actually happened at Adam and Brooke’s engagement party five years ago!"

ALL MY CHILDREN is expected to premiere in late April. Look for an exact date to be released this week.

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