Sunday, March 10, 2013

Today in Soap Opera History (March 10)

On this date in...

1961: CBS daytime soap opera FULL CIRCLE aired its final episode. Watch the show's opening sequence below.

1975: On ANOTHER WORLD, Ada and Gil comforted Rachel, and Iris (Beverlee McKinsey) blamed her for Mac's horse riding accident.

1980: On THE EDGE OF NIGHT, Draper (Tony Craig) dealt with the aftermath of the train crash.

1994: On DAYS OF OUR LIVES, Sami (Alison Sweeney) clashed with Marlena.

1995: On ONE LIFE TO LIVE, Todd (Roger Howarth) called a confused Blair.


Celebrating a birthday today are:
Alice Hirson (Mimsy, THE SECRET LIFE OF THE AMERICAN TEENAGER; ex-Stephanie, THE EDGE OF NIGHT; ex-Marsha, ANOTHER WORLD; ex-Marsha, SOMERSET; ex-Eileen, ONE LIFE TO LIVE; ex-Mrs. Van Gelder, GENERAL HOSPITAL; ex-Mavis, DALLAS) - 84
Richard Gant (ex-Russell, GENERAL HOSPITAL: NIGHT SHIFT) - 69
Shannon Tweed (ex-Savannah, DAYS OF OUR LIVES; ex-Diana, FALCON CREST) - 56
Ariane Munker (ex-Marianne, ANOTHER WORLD; ex-Melinda, AS THE WORLD TURNS; ex-Kim, DAYS OF OUR LIVES; ex-Christie, GUIDING LIGHT; ex-Amanda, RYAN'S HOPE) - 53
Jasmine Guy (Sheila, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES) - 51
Maria Arena Bell (Former Executive Producer/Head Writer, THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS) - 50
Senait Ashenafi (ex-Keesha, GENERAL HOSPITAL) - 47
Jon Hamm (Don, MAD MEN) - 42
Cristián de la Fuente (Daniel, AMOR BRAVIO; ex-Eric, PRIVATE PRACTICE) - 39
Kathy Brier (ex-Marcie, ONE LIFE TO LIVE) - 38
Jeff Branson (Ronan, THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS; ex-Shayne, GUIDING LIGHT; ex-Jonathan, ALL MY CHILDREN) - 36
Bree Turner (ex-Tina, UNDRESSED) - 36
Jay Wilkinson (ex-Riley, ONE LIFE TO LIVE) - 35
Ben Crowley (ex-Leo, UNDRESSED) - 33
Olivia Wilde (ex-Jewel, SKIN; ex-Alex, THE O.C.) - 29
Erika Schaefer (ex-Lexi, FASHION HOUSE) - 29

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